W500 M Swip Men Sport Watch Timer BLUE GREEN



Made for intensive athletes who want to progress: improve their stamina or lose weight.
Customize your training to progress!

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Parameter measurement1/100s stopwatch, backlight, alarm, date.
WaterproofSuitable for swimming (5ATM or 50 m). Buttons can be used underwater.
CoachingCountdown timer with 4 separate times to set up your training sessions.
CustomisationChoose your strap colour to customise your watch (optional).
VisibilityLarge digits for perfect visibility during sports.
Water resistanceResistant to pool water (chlorine), seawater (salt) and sweat.
Easy assembly / dismantlingStrap replacement made simple (no tool) with the exclusive slide system
Ease of useEasy setting with screen pictos.
WarrantyAvailability of the spare parts (battery and wrist strap) essential to product use: 2 years
Technical Information

Product bonus
Create your own training to split your efforts. You can define: - your WARM UP time - your acceleration / fast workout time (RUN) - your recovery / slow workout time (REST) - the number of times you want to repeat the RUN + REST sequence (REPEAT) - your end of session / stretching time (COOL).
Progressing, losing weight and improving your stamina
If you want to lose weight, improve your performance and make progress, it is essential to split your efforts during your workout. This means that you will alternate fast exercise and slow exercise.It will make your activity less monotonous!
Example of customized training
For example, if you want to exercise for 45 minutes, you can set it up as follows: WARM UP: 15 minutes RUN: 30 seconds REST: 30 seconds REPEAT: 15 You will repeat a sequence of 15 split trainings, each including 30 seconds speeding up and 30 seconds recovering COOL: 15 minutes to finish your session and stretch
SWIP system
The SWIP SYSTEM is an exclusive attachment system that makes strap replacement easy with no tool. Just slide the strap on or off. The wave design of the attachment system guarantees a secure and durable fit of the strap. Optional STRAPs M (or SWIP straps) are compatible with models W500M SWIP, W500+M SWIP, W700XC M SWIP, A300M SWIP, A300+ M SWIP, SWIP DIGITAL M, SWIP ANALOG M and X-Cross 400M.
How to choose your Geonaute watch
The digital range: - W100 (occasional sports): stopwatch, 2 sizes. - W200 (regular sports): 1/100s stopwatch, repeat countdown, backlight, alarm, 2 sizes. - W500 (regular to intensive sports): fully configurable, 1/100s stopwatch, backlight, alarm, SWIP wrist strap. 3 models available. - W700XC (regular to intensive sports): resistance to shocks, fully configurable, 1/100s stopwatch, backlight, alarm, SWIP wrist strap.
Information / Concept / Technology
Product test
For 20 years, our Geonaute teams have been designing watches suitable for sports. During their development stage, each model undergoes over 30 distinct tests, and are then tested on the field by our tester team.

Maintenance tips
Clean regularly the inner side of your watch with fresh water to remove residues of outside elements that may have built up (cream, soap, etc.). After-sales service is included with this model, and with all our watches: battery replacement. Battery reference CR2025 Contact one of our retail outlets.


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Cool and Sexy Watch
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Excellent budget watch with good features.
Watch feedback
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Used for 1 week or less
The product is good but found the product to be expensive.
Useful, Modern Sporty, High Clarity LCD Watch
Used for 3 to 6 months
This is my daily watch which i use for all activities where potential damage might be an issue. Also, most usefully, i use the timer function when at my desk to remind me after 30 mins sitting to stand up/move around for 2 mins etc before another 30 mins sitting etc - all day i'm alerted to this - most handy. I have the grey color. I especially like the LCD clarity - very clear characters which can be seen at very low angles without the other circuits/characters showing - very modern bold characters as well. Not a fan of the interchangeable watch straps because under some operations in using the buttons it's possible to slightly dislodge the strap - easily pushed back but a little annoying. This new color version appears to have the buttons slightly raised compared to my Grey / Orange watch which i have to purposefully and intentionally 'find' causing a slight but transient irritation. Overall though, very happy, very useful watch. Love this new blue color!
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