Aerofit 900 Cycling Helmet - Black/Neon Yellow



MRP : ₹ 3,999

Made In : China

Made for
Helmet designed for road cyclists or cross-country mountain bikers looking for an aerodynamic, well-ventilated helmet that's very light and durable thanks to the use of In-Mold moulding technology.

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VentilationThe helmet's grille and inner channels facilitate continuous air flow.
LightweightUltra-light helmet thanks to its In-Mold moulding construction and compact size.
Easy dressingFull turn-ring system fully covers the head ensuring fast, precise adjustment.
AerodynamicsDeveloped in a wind tunnel, thereby minimising its drag coefficient (Cx).
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

size M = 55-57cm size L = 57-59cm size XL = 59-62cm
Size M: 260g Size L: 270g Size XL: 300g
We have designed the helmet's inner ventilation to maximise thermal regulation of the head using the "jet" effect generated by air inflows through the grill, 16 inner channels and extractor.
In-Mold moulding technology and EPS
The In-Mold moulding technology used in manufacturing this helmet makes it possible to mould the external polycarbonate shell during the expansible polystyrene (EPS) injection stage. This results in a structure that is much stiffer, very durable, and extremely light. The inner EPS structure absorbs the energy generated during an impact so that it is not transmitted to the skull, while the stiff external shell provides the helmet with longer-lasting durability.
Information / Concept / Technology
Foam : 100.0% Polycarbonate (PC)

Stockage tips
Keep away from UV rays (direct sunlight exposure) to avoid premature deterioration of the helmet. Do not expose to high temperatures (60°C max.), store in a dry place.


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Fits my odd head shape OK!
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Not entirely sure why everyone's saying this helmet is too round. I have quite a narrow, oval-shaped head shape and it fits me fine. Oddly enough, I find most other helmets are too round in shape, having way too much room at the sides, above the ears. This one is reasonably snug and minimises the "mushroom head" effect a bit.
Odd sizing though - I have a 57cm head circumference and the Large size only just fits me at the maximum adjustment (I tried a Kask Mojito recently and I was a medium in that). Could possibly have gone for the XL as I can't get a cap under this one but that would leave me with a helmet that won't fit as well at the sides.
Again, as others have said, the chin strap is very short and mine only has about a cm left before being at it's maximum length. That could be a problem for some.
Overall, at 1/3 of the cost of the Kask, I'm happy with this one. Definitely size up though and ideally try on in store.
Nice helmet with one major problem
Used for 1 week or less
It is a nice helmet, I don't think this is incredibly aerodynamic if at all to be honest, it is well designed though, very strong and assuring, one problem for me was the length of the straps, way too short, I did not like the plastic bits either, I am thinking they would cause issues on a very warm day, had the straps been what you would expect and much longer I would have given this helmet 5 stars, I got the right size, I have seen some reviews saying the shape of the helmet is a little bit weird, I agree as it does not sit on the head very well, I put that down to the padding, because of the strapping and the plastic bits on it, I can not recommend the helmet.
Response of the brand
Hello. Thank you for your feedback on this helmet, it is valuable to us and it has been passed on directly to the B'twin team to review. If you are unable to use the helmet due to the strap length please don't hesitate to contact our customer loyalty team for a solution (0207 064 3000).

MICHAEL, Road Cycling Leader, DECATHLON UK
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
New helmet to replace one damaged in crash
What a fit
Used for 1 week or less
Easy helmet adjustments
Just one knob to tighten you in
Light weight
Another Decathlon delight
Painful after a long ride
Used for 1 week or less
I bought this helmet in XL in store, despite my helmet size in other brands being M. It felt alright and didn't look too bad, so I bought it. After taking it off after my first ride, I had a painful indent in my forehead. Having now read the other reviews, my helmet does look rounder than other helmets I've owned.

I tried to return it in the store where I bought it, but this was refused outright.

I've bought a lot from decathlon over the years, and this is the first item I'd describe as bad quality
Response of the brand
Thank you for contacting us regarding the fit and comfort of the helmet.
Our refunds policy will allow you to return the helmet for a refund (it will then be destroyed) as long as you have your Decathlon Card with you.
Peter Lazarus, National Cycling Manager, DECATHLON
Great buy
Used for 1 week or less
Good aero design
Response of the brand
Dear Siddesh,
Thank you for sharing your review with the product. It's a compact, technical, lightweight, VFM product. We really appreciate you for taking out the time to share your experience that will be really helpful for the users. 

Aerofit 900 Cycling Helmet - Black/Neon Yellow
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Good product but had to return for a problem most face. Even the largest size was not a proper fit due to its shape so had to by a different model. The manufacturers may wish to manufacture an XL size
Response of the brand
Dear Sachin,
We are sorry for your less than satisfactory experience with the Aerofit helmet. These reviews really help us to improve the product quality and usage. We will share the feedback with the right team so that they can work on the same. Thank you for highlighting the concern, we really appreciate your effort taken to share your feedback with us. 

Very small, unusual shape & store odd about refund
Used for 1 week or less
I ordered size Large to collect in my local store. Before collecting, I tried on the helmet in the store and it was no where near big enough. I tried an XL size and it did go on, but was almost round! Who has a round head? On largest setting there was part of the strapping at the rear of the helmet digging into the back of my head. There are other similar comments saying the same thing. The store put up signs saying no refunds on helmets (and some other bits). Not sure if they're Decathlon policy as they looked like the came of a lazer printer. How odd. At the till, there was lots of messing around and the French manager said a load of stuff that I didn't understand so just fake laughed. To cut a long story short, they wouldn't do a refund because they didn't stock it (they did, but in other colours), so the checkout lady wrote a receipt for me and sent it back to the warehouse and they would do the refund. She said it was unorthordox. Yes it is. As long as I get my money back I don't care. There's nothing listed on the webpage about no refunds. Try it in store before purchase.
Response of the brand
Thank you for your feedback regarding the shape of the helmet. Helmet shapes are quite a personal and different brands have different shapes. Personally I get on with it, but I know of others who do not. As this is a race helmet as worn by our racing team, the increments in cm per size is quite narrow to get the most snug fit possible for the rider. This may not suite everyone and future models are being developed with wider market appeal. Your advice is correct, where possible, try helmets on before purchase.
Regarding the refund, it is true that we do not refund personal safety equipment such as helmets but we can exchange in some circumstances depending on the condition of the helmet (at the store's discretion). This is to give customer peace of mind in knowing that no person outside of the store may have affected the safety levels of the item. Same goes for items such as harnesses, ropes, climbing equipment. Here is a link to our returns policy:
Peter Lazarus, National Cycling Manager, DECATHLON
Good value
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Good quality
Good price
Soft strap material
Size adjuster at the back

Strap adjuster moves everytime so its too loose.
Helmet is on the high side. I think a lower profile would look better and more like the pros.
Quality helmet and finally a good fit!
Used for 1 week or less
Glad they did this helmet in an XL fit! However, for some reason, not all the XL helmets seem to be the same shape? Some of the ones I tried dug into my forehead as though they were very round. The specific helmet I tried seemed to be a bit more oval front to back and a much better fit!

Straps were nice and light and fitted well and I liked the colour schemes.
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