G-EYE 900 4K and FULL HD Sports Camera with Touch Screen.



MRP : ₹ 14,999

Made In : China

Made for regular sports users looking for a 4K and FULL HD sports camera (up to 60 frames per second) that is watertight (up to 40m)
4K and FULL HD sports camera with image stabiliser so you can take videos without editing (PAUSE function), built-in slow motion function, watertight up to 40m with housing, mounts included.
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Image qualityVIDEO: 4K (15 FPS) and FULL HD (60 FPS) IMAGE STABILISER PHOTO: 16 MP
Ease of usePAUSE function to create videos without editing. Pre-set by sport.
Tactile efficiency2" LCD touch screen to frame, see, and review your photos and videos.
AutonomyUp to 3 hours (wifi disabled, 60 frames per second in full HD).
WaterproofCamera is watertight up to 40m thanks to the housing included in the pack.
ControlWIFI for smartphone control Optional BLUETOOTH for remote control with 8387342
ConnectivityMini USB port: recharge, image transfer. Mini HDMI Port: for HD TV
VersatilityCompatible with all DECATHLON CO-NECT and GoPro mounting accessories.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

The G-EYE 900 sports camera offers the exclusive "PAUSE" function which allows you to PAUSE a video recording and resume it later. With this function, you no longer need to edit your videos, since once the recording is done, you will just have one file(*) where classic cameras and smartphones would give you several. (*): maximum video file size: 4GB, or around 20 minutes.
Immediately activate and start a video recording or a photo when the camera is off using the QUICK VIDEO and QUICK PHOTO functions on the G-EYE 900 camera. Example: you are mountain biking in the woods, as you do every Sunday. Thinking ahead, you have turned off your camera to save battery life. Suddenly, a unicorn (or is it a white stag?) runs in front of you: you are happy that you chose the G-EYE 900, which allows you to capture the moment in 2 seconds.
The G-EYE 900's LOOP function allows you to record a continuous video while keeping only the last 10 minutes. Example: you haven't yet gotten over your emotions (see above), and you don't see the enormous branch in your path: inevitable fall! No need to erase the video file so you don't look silly - fortunately, the G-EYE 900 has the LOOP function that you had turned on.
Know nothing about pixels & frames per second? Don't worry about it, we've pre-set it all for you! Depending on the movement speed of your sport, we have created a pre-setting for you! The SLOW SPORTS or DYNAMIC SPORTS modes offer optimum quality while saving your battery.
The SELF PORTRAIT mode allows you to film yourself using the 180° image flipping which you can set in automatic mode.
The G-EYE 900 camera ensures video quality in low light thanks to the automatic LOW LIGHT function.
Do you want a slow motion video without using any editing software? No problem - the G-EYE 900 sport camera has a built-in SLOWMOTION video mode (4 times slower). We strongly recommend SLOWMOTION mode before a special move: jumps, skids, technical areas... At DECATHLON, we also appreciate this mode for the little falls that make for great memories ,-))
The TIME LAPSE video mode provides an accelerated effect: this technique consists of creating a video from a large number of photos taken from the same spot over a precise time interval, from every few seconds to every few minutes. The TIME LAPSE mode is available in 1080p resolution.
Several VIDEO modes are available in MP4 format, including: - 4 K: 15 frames per second. - 2.7 K: 30 frames per second. - FULL HD: 1080p (1920 x 1080) up to 60 frames per second - 16:9 - HD: 720p (1280 x 720) up to 120 frames per second - 16:9
The viewing angle of the DECATHLON G-EYE 900 camera goes up to 158° and allows you to choose between: - Large: for all video modes - Medium: can be set for resolutions: 2.7K 1080p and 720p - Small: can be set for resolutions: 1080p and 720p
- PHOTO in the video (*): when you can take a photo while recording video: practical if you meet a unicorn or a white stag! (*) only available at 30 FPS and wide angle. - BURST: a photo burst that allows you to keep the perfect image during a sports move. - TIME LAPSE: lets you take a lot of photos from the same place over a precise time interval from a few seconds to a few minutes.
The G-EYE 900 offers 4 PHOTO resolutions: 5 Million pixels: 10x15 cm photos (postcard format) 8 Million pixels: 21x29.7 cm photos (A4 format) 12 Million pixels: 29.7x42 cm photos (A3 format) 16 Million pixels: 42x60 cm photos (A2 format)
The G-EYE 900 sports camera has an automatic standby feature which can be set to OFF or 10 minutes, in order to optimise your battery life.
The G-EYE 900 sports camera offers a touch screen so you can: - easily frame shots. - quickly adjust camera settings. - view photo or video files. - delete files. To use your touch screen while keeping your camera safe, there is a protected door in the watertight housing. This door is not suitable for water sports use.
The G-EYE 900 sports camera comes with its housing. It will ensure that your camera is protected from impacts and dust. It is also waterproof to 40 m equipped with its door closed. The PHOTO and VIDEO buttons on the case are purposely larger so that you can use it with gloves.
1 G-EYE 900 sports camera 1 watertight housing (40m) 1 door for the housing. 2 mounting accessories: - 1 flat adhesive CO-NECT pad: for flat surfaces - 1 curved adhesive CO-NECT pad: for curved surfaces 1 GoPro-style clip with safety system. 1 Screw 1 Lanyard 1 Mini-USB cable
DECATHLON products include a 2-year warranty. Consult the Geonaute assistance site at support.geonaute.com with any questions. You can find tips for successful use of your product: manuals, frequently asked questions by our users, and video tutorials. To provide you with the best support, the support team is available 24/7 to answer you personally.
The G-EYE 900 camera can connect via WiFi to your smartphone (Android or iOS) using the G-EYE CONNECT app. You can not only re-watch your files directly on your smartphone or tablet, but also share them on social media. You can also set up or start a video recording or take photos from a distance!
Weight and dimensions
Weight: 106 g (207 g with watertight housing) Height: 50mm Width: 68mm Depth: 36 mm
Technical features
Chipset: Ambarella A12S55 Sensor: Panasonic MN34120PAJ
The camera can only be returned in case of a performance problem. Please note the packaging along with the camera should be in re-saleable condition.
Type of productCamera
Information / Concept / Technology
Outside shell - Main Lining : 100.0% Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) Board : 50.0% Battery - Li Po, Board : 20.0% Glass - Fiber (FG), Board : 20.0% Glass - Mineral, Board : 10.0% Copper (CU)

Product test
At Decathlon, our products are tested by a panel of users in the conditions for which the products were designed. These tests are conducted and supervised by a dedicated team of engineers. All of these tests allow product managers, engineers, and all of our teams to develop and design technical products that satisfy our customers.

Stockage tips
To prevent fog from forming when using your camera in a waterproof case, we recommend placing a CO-NECT anti-fog insert (ref: 8301020) between the camera and the case.


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Used for More than 2 years
Camera case clip broken.
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
I am really pleased with the camera and I would give this ***** stars. However the camera case broke whilst swimming in the sea (Greece). This was its first long term usage. The clip floated past my face. I did not lose the camera as it was attached to my easybreath mask. The camera got wet and my SD card was ruined with my holiday footage on. The end of the clip sheared across. Decathlon were excellent at changing the camera on my return however I have lost my images and destroyed 128mb SD card at a financial loss to myself. I am concerned that staff in the store stated this has never happened before but I see from the reviews on the feedback section and external reviews this is a problem. As stated fantastic camera and accessories but a terrible thin plastic clip on the case.
Geye 900 Camera Extream low Quality
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
The screen freezing for 20 to 30 sec when recording or photography or by wifi enables and nothing works when Need to turn off and it back on then it works after an hour then same problem occurs .

Camera gets very warm, heated 40 degrees after an hour of recording.

After that when charging again battery loss faster within 10 min when records it switch off . After 2 hour when it on , i will recording not more than 15 min that whole a day

So that I face all kinds of problems after buying this model last 2 months.
Response of the brand
Hello Rajen, 

Thank you for taking the time to give us your review. The problems you have mentioned definitely sounds like a defect. The camera does get warm but it cannot get as warm as 40'c . This could have destroyed the battery. I suggest you try another model at the closest decathlon store and it should solve the problem. I remain available for more questions. 

The screen freezes and nothing works.
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
The screen freezes and nothing works. Worst product ever for hard earned money thanks decathlon. Need to turn off and it back on then it works fine after an hour then same problem occurs on and on. I'm using SD card class 10. So I walked to the store from I bought this they told it is the problem with SD card (storage card) I'm using 128 GB SD card however I got it replaced under warranty. I took the new geye 900 home charged it for an hour or so then turned it on, WITHOUT inserting the SD card 128 GB just after five minutes same problem happens (geye screen freezes) to prove it I took a video using my phone camera and showed it to store guys they had no words to say but to refund the money.
Response of the brand
Hello Diksheeth,

Thank you for reviewing the product and we are extremely sorry for the repeated issue faced by you. With your review it's very clear that the product had some issue, and we would definitely look into it, and fix the bug so that it's not experienced by anyone else. We constantly refer to reviews given by user for continuous improvement of products.

Srishti Chandola SCM Btwin
My worst experience
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
The camera case is fragile and not watertight.It has been 2 weeks that i have bought it and the case is already broken(lock) and they do not have spare ones for the same.Now left with only a Cam which is frankly of no use to me :(
Response of the brand
Hello Nikhil, 

Thank you for taking the time to give us your review. The camera case is tested for water tightness and durability in the lab as well as on real users during sports practice. However, apologies for the bad experience you have had. We are already working on getting spare cases for the g-eye 900.  Please let me know which store you have purchased the camera from and I will try to find a solution for the case. 

worst decathlon experience ever
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
bought this almost 8 weeks ago ,used it twice on 2-3 days on my fishing trip ,camera quality is average ,battery cannot be replaced ,colors are good under shade but poor under sunlight ,good for close focus only everything else is a mess , plus case's lock went into two pieces while locking it ,when i asked for return i was told it is in wear and tear. now i am stuck with an poor camera in an non functional case , also they don't supply separate case/lock for case . sadness :(:(
Response of the brand
Hello Suraj,

Thank you for taking the time to give us your review. Please note that this is one of the best value to price sports camera in the market today. We have received some of the best feedback for the same. The image produced can be compared to the best players in the market for almost half the price.  We have not received any complaints regarding the case as well. However, we will take your feedback and try to source extra cases separately.  

I Love G-eye 900
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Thanks Again Decathlon....This Action Cam Is Awesome...Very Good Image Quality As Well Video Quality..Price Wise Super...
Minimal Manual; Poor Battery and Poor Sound
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
I bought this for an art-project using the activity of running so also bought the body harness. Granted, I didn't have alot of time to play around with it beforehand, but the manual is the briefest I have ever seen and very confusing in terms of how select different menu functions/settings adequately.
The first time I charged it, it wouldn't switch on afterwards for quite a while. I thought I would have to return it and then suddenly found it was working after all. Battery time is really variable and rarely up to the 3hrs stated (sometime only about an hour!) I tried to use the pause function and sometimes the on/off switch and sometimes it would jam and not start again even though the battery was charged.
As I was using it for a running activity, I used the casing attached to the body harness. This fundamentally affects the sound as the camera quite obviously does not sit tight in it when closed and rattles around so this is all you can hear on the soundtrack. Even when walking you could hear it. For a supposed action camera, this is not good.
Also the harness attachment makes the camera point slightly downwards, even when tightened and put as far back as possible, so the view was predominantly of the ground rather than of straight ahead.
This ought to be a good camera, but is very disappointing overall. I will keep trying it out but I'm not sure I can adequately solve the problems outlined above.
Response of the brand
HI Veronica,
I'm sorry you've had a problem with your Geye900.

Your feedback is important to let us to improve our products everyday. I will inform and ask our software developers , to release quickly a software upload to fix sound issue.

Here you can find the full instructions manual:

As I'm understanding, you are not satisfied with the product, you are welcome to return the product to store.

Always at disposal
Electronics Market Manager

A good camera at a good price! ㋛
Used for 3 to 6 months
I have been able to use the camera in different areas, testing and comparing it with the G-EYE 700 and even with a Canon EOS M3 and I can tell you i'm very satisfied! Easy to use!

Finally, the recorded audio is present and is also of very good quality
(unlike the 700 because on 3 you buy there was not one that was registered properly)
the quality of the video is good, a bit darker than 700 (in general also than the EOS M3) especially in low light conditions; in normal conditions the colors faithfully reflect the reality 'simply keeping the blacks a little' more 'loaded "(but still appreciable).

Great is the 4k presence though only at 15 fps; fluid videos with 60 FPS Full HD and slow motion at 120 with HD;
It is also possible to use a waterproof remote control to handle the shooting from remote or wireless with smartphones.
The touchscreen menu of the camera is easy to use, fast and responsive to the touch; a big step forward over the 700 one.


- Good AUDIO and video quality;
- Simple and fast menu;
- Battery lasts almost 2h 30min with the fisheye (distortion OFF), 1h 30min without (distortion ON);
- There is a scuba-gear that makes it waterproof up to 40m;
- More compact and lightweight than the G-EYE 700;
- Good quality / price ratio;


- It gets very warm, reaching 45 degrees after an hour of recording;
- There is no absorbing moisture patch to prevent fogging in the scuba-gear;
- 4k only at 15 fps;

You can Find a complete review on my Youtube channel (I can't attach the link, look for DUKESTHENICS), including battery and comparative test with other cameras!

Excellant for Youth Groups
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
We needed another camera to take with us on our travels to record our week away. We came across the GEONAUTE G-EYE 900 and thought it was very well priced considering it could run 4K and up to 60 frames per second. We are a youth group and so we pass the camera to the young people to use. With it being so sturdy and waterproof we weren’t worried about letting others use it and its ease of use made it accessible to everyone in our group. The young people particular loved the slow down and speed up feature making for some particularly funny videos.

No more trying to work out where certain buttons are when trying to capture a ‘funny’ moment as the majority of controls are on the very responsive touch screen. With its relatively long battery life it let us take the camera on our day trips and not miss one moment. Our favourite feature was the connectivity on your phone. At the end of each day we could re watch on a bigger screen, delete or save what we have recorded making us ready for the next day of filming.

Would recommend.
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