Swimming Short Fins Silifins 500 Black

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Our design teams have developed this swim fin for intermediate swimmers who swim regularly and want to work on their legs and cardio.



Feel yourself move slightly quicker through the water thanks to the short blade

Muscular workout

Muscular workout

Work on your leg muscles at moderate intensity thanks to the short blade

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SizeUK 2.5-3 EU35-36, UK 5.5-6.5 - EU 39-40, UK 1-1.5 EU33-34, UK 7-8 - EU 41-42, UK 8.5-9.5 - EU 43-44, UK 4-5 EU37-38, UK 10.5-11 EU45-46
WHAT ARE SWIM FINS FOR?A fin is a piece of swimming training equipment to work the lower body. You can simultaneously work on your heart rate and lower-body strength training (thighs, glutes, calves, core stability).
FIN LENGTHSHORT-BLADE FIN - 33-34: 30 cm - 35-36: 31 cm - 37-38: 32.5 cm - 39-40: 34 cm - 41-42: 35 cm - 43-44: 36.5 cm - 45-46: 38 cm SHORT blade guarantees a good kick frequency and a good cardio workout. Movements are very close to “natural” swimming movements. The LONG blade guarantees a more sweeping kick and a stronger muscle workout.
FIN STIFFNESSFLEXIBLE FINS The STIFFER a blade is the more important muscular exertion will be. The more FLEXIBLE a blade is, the more efficient and sweeping the kick will be. Your muscular energy will generate the type of effort you’re looking for (cardiovascular or muscular effort)
FOOTWEARFULL FOOT Fin foot pockets hold the foot in place when kicking (important for an efficient kick). The OPEN foot pocket means the ankle can move more freely The CLOSED foot pocket supports the foot in its natural position
YOUR FIRST TIME USING A FIN? Be careful to not start too quickly! The use of the fins should progressively increase to let the legs and feet adjust and get stronger and to avoid hurting the Achilles tendon.
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