Kids Snorkeling Observation Buoy SNK Olu 100 - Blue/Orange



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Made In : China

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Made for discovering the ocean of the seabed without putting your head underwater
With their feet in the water, little ones (from the age of 4) will be amazed by this little bubble that lets you see underwater without putting your head underwater.
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Ease of useRapid inflation thanks to the valve.Put on the water, the observation can begin!
Field of visionTransparent component offering a view with no deformation.
Anti-foggingThe product build prevents condensation from forming when inflating.
Compact designWhen deflated, the product is compact and can be stored in a small net.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

What is the OLU 100 observation buoy?
The Olu 100 is a new way of snorkelling. This DECATHLON invention makes snorkelling much easier. The Olu 100 is an inflatable product that allows you to observe the seabed without putting your head underwater, while remaining supported by an inflatable structure. Snorkelling becomes more convivial: with your head out of the water, you can move, talk and chat, while still observing!
What can I do if there are reflections on the OLU 100?
Depending on its position, the sun may cause some slight reflections in the viewing chamber. No need to panic. Just use your hands to create some shade, and you can carry on observing.
What can I do if there are patches of condensation on the OLU 100?
The air circuit prevents condensation from forming in the Olu 100, but small patches of condensation may appear on the top of the bubble, especially when getting out of the water. Don’t worry. Once back in the water, the condensation disappears, all the walls reach the temperature of the water and the condensation evaporates.
How to make the most of the OLU 100?
The Olu 100 is covered with a transparent film that offers a clear view, without deformation. To make the most of it for longer, take good care of it! Avoid anything that could scratch or cloud the film, like sand, stones, sunbathing cream or other abrasive or greasy products.
The weight of the OLU 100
160 g.
What is the SUBEA brand?
Tribord Diving is now called SUBEA, the Decathlon brand dedicated to underwater sports (snorkelling, scuba diving, spearfishing and free-diving). The markings on all our diving products will gradually be replaced. Why SUBEA? Because: "SUBaquatic Experiences are Amazing"!For more information:
Information / Concept / Technology
Main fabric : 100.0% Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) - Phtalate free

Stockage tips
In a dry place away from light.

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