Yoga Pad - Blue



MRP : ₹ 399

Made In : China

Made for yoga.
A precious help for weight-bearing poses! This pad can be placed under your knees or wrists to reduce discomfort, particularly if your mat is very thin.
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User comfortPU foam - 19 cm x 19 cm x 2 cm
Lightweight150 g.
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

What is the pad for?
Designed to protect your joints during poses where your entire body weight is going through one or two points and making them uncomfortable. This pad is very light, easy to carry and quick to put in place. Its concave shape is perfect for wrists and knees.
Our yoga ranges:
The whole range has been designed for practising yoga in complete comfort. We work on our products as a team to ensure your yoga sessions are a time of relaxation and enjoyment. This lets you fully focus on your poses and breathing. Our models have been tested during use and we regularly make changes based on customer feedback.
Why do yoga?
Yoga, a practice that has its roots in ancient India, promotes harmony between body and mind. Regular practice results in wellness of mind and body. It helps your body become more flexible, strong and toned. It builds self-confidence, relaxes your body, and reduces stress.
Information / Concept / Technology
Foam : 100.0% Polyurethane (PU)

Maintenance tips
Clean with a damp cloth and essential oils.


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Great support and protect
Used for 3 to 6 months
This pad is good to use when doing warrior and other poses that put pressure on the knee joint. I used to fold my mat up to create more cushioning, but I no longer need to do so after getting these pads!
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
This is an excellent product especially for planks,pilates n yoga. It prevents our elbow n joint fr bruises while doing planking exercises. Can even put behind spine while doing sit up so that our tail bone won’t hurt that much! Super good product
Response of the brand
Hi Joyce, 

We are delighted that our product has served you well :) after all, your voices and feedbacks are crucial for us, to improve on our products. 

To go with the yoga pad, you may also consider our Pilates mats or Yoga mats, depending on which sport are you intending to do. All in less than $30! 

Thank you for your feedback once again and we hope to hear from you again! 

Excellent help for my knees
Used for 7 to 12 months
I had to quit running and all high impact sports due to very bad knees, but I was advised to try yoga and Pilates to help build strength and stretch my muscles out.
I started out and really enjoyed yoga but before long it was making my knees worse.... then I bought these and use them all the time! It's such a great help if you have bad knees, or even if you don't, these pads just provide additional comfort.
Very happy knees
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
I was really struggling with knee pain during a new exercise class I started and saw these - they’re great. Amazing protection.
Handy little pad
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
I have knees that hate the floor. Usually roll my mat or use a blanket. This is so very much better. Stability is better and knees love it
Yoga Pad
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
It's great for knee and head stand workouts.
Response of the brand
Hi Michael!

Thank you for sharing with us your review on this product! We are glad that the Yoga pad has helped you in your workouts.

See you around at our stores and hope to hear from you again :)

Have a great shopping experience with Decathlon!

Used for 2 to 8 weeks
My mom is using this, specially for her knees while doing certain asans. It has made her Yoga experience more enjoyable. Her knees used to hurt alot before this while practising yoga. But now it has stopped
Yoga pad
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
These yoga pads are really helpful for people having knee issues while doing yoga. It can be used for elevating the pain in wrist also. Though I don’t have much issue with my knee I still use it if the mat is very thin. Till now no complaints. I have yoga jell pads also they look more durable than this one. But at this price I think it is a good deal. Jell pads are there with me for past 5years and they are still as good as new.
Good product
Used for 7 to 12 months
Superb for knee protection
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