Travel 500 Men's Zip-Off Trousers - Camel



MRP : ₹ 3,499

Made In : China

Made for trekking journeys lasting several weeks.
Bulletproof trousers that you can take with you on all your adventures.
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DurabilityDurable material. Reinforced lower leg and pocket base.
Pockets9 pockets including 5 closing pockets + 1 snap hook for keys
Flexibility2-in-1 trousers, can be converted into shorts.
Easy maintenanceCoated fabric which reduces the appearance of marks.
Anatomic designAdjustable waist with belt and adjustable lower leg. Adjustable lower leg.
Sun protectionUPF 40
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

Why must the clothing be adjustable?
Nothing could be worse than wearing a heavy overloaded backpack! A backpacker's best friend is his pack. You will be walking for many hours with your backpack bound to your back. It is therefore essential that you choose your equipment carefully to keep the weight down and travel with as light a load as possible. Look for the most "multi-functional" and convertible products. The aim: having clothing that is suited to multiple situations.
The security of your belongings: THE priority!
When backpacking, what could be worse than losing your passport or getting your phone stolen? In order to prevent this so that you can enjoy your experience with total peace of mind, we have added closing or secret pockets to the trousers. So you can hide your bank card in the secret pocket under the belt, fasten your keys to the snap hook and keep your wallet in one of the zipped pockets.
Hardwearing clothing for backpackers!
When preparing your backpack, you always wonder whether the clothing you have packed will measure up to your adventures and whether it is strong enough! We select materials and constructions which guarantee solidity. For example, for these trousers we have selected a heavier fabric (190 g/m²) than used for classic trousers.
How to keep them clean when travelling?
There is no need to carry loads of pairs of trousers in your backpack or have a single pair of stained trousers after the first day! To prevent stains on your trousers, we have added a water repellent coating. If you want to wash them by hand in a youth hostel, they will dry quickly because the component we have selected is a cotton-synthetic blend.
Information / Concept / Technology
Main fabric : 68.0% Cotton, Main fabric : 32.0% Polyamide (PA) Main lining : 100.0% Cotton Secondary lining : 76.0% Polyamide (PA), Secondary lining : 24.0% Elastane

Product test
The trousers were submitted to a panel of backpackers during tests conducted in the field. We conducted an experiment with a group of testers that you can try out for yourself on a backpacking trip over a few weeks. We used this test to try out each of the trousers' functions. We carried out modifications designed to improve the trousers at the end of this test in order to offer you a superior product.


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Innovative pocket system albeit a bit pricey
Used for 1 week or less
The trousers have innovative pocket system with a holder for water bottle and key chain hook. But I find the material to be thin and easy to wear and tear. At this price, Quechua could have experimented with tough fibres like Cordura which would have another dimension to the trousers. The water resistant coating also doesn't seem to be vet effective
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