Golf Grip Size 03 Midsize

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Our design team developed this grip to provide good grip between the club and hands, these 3 lines will help you position your hands.



Its rubber composition and texture allow for moderate grip

Ease of use

Ease of use

3 parallel positioning lines to help you position your hands correctly

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"T03” GRIP CHARACTERISTICSGrip weight: 61 grams Length: 26.5 cm Diameter: 2.9 cm Material: Rubber We have called this GRIP "T03", which corresponds with a grip from the "midsize” category.
NORMAL HANDSIf the skin on your hands is neither dry nor moist, you can choose a multi-purpose rubber grip. Its component provides a good grip and the slightly textured surface wicks away perspiration in hot and wet weather.
SUITABLE FOR USE IN ALL WEATHER CONDITIONSGrip texture ensures good grip in all weather conditions Resistant, it is tolerant of rainy conditions, these grips can be played without gloves.
ENSURES A GOOD LEVEL OF FEEDBACKFairly firm grip texture that is not too abrasive to provide a “moderate” level of feedback. Feedback is the grip's capacity to transfer feel on ball impact to the player's fingers.
OUR INESIS GRIP OFFERWe offer 3 different grip sizes: Size 01 (undersize): Weight 44 g / Diameter 2.6 cm Size 02 (standard): Weight 51 g / Diameter 2.7 cm Size 03 (midsize): Weight 61 g / Diameter 2.9 cm
DID YOU KNOW?If you want to ensure the balance of your club (swingweight = distribution of mass, head weight sensation), we recommend that you weigh your grip and to keep to the same weight before you change it. An additional 4 gr to 5 gr in the grip removes a swingweight point (loss of head weight sensation) and inversely if your remove 4 gr to 5 gr in the grip, you need to add a swingweight point.
HOW TO CLEAN A GRIPWe recommend that you wash your grips once a year. Scrub your grips with soapy water and a brush (a nail brush, for example), rinse in clean water and dry your grips using a towel.
SOLD SINGLYWe recommend that you maintain uniformity between all your clubs and therefore that you use the same grips on all clubs except the putter.
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