Decathlon | Hiking 2019

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Men’s Snow Hiking Jacket SH100 X-Warm


Men’s Warm Long-Sleeve Snow Hiking T-Shirt SH100 - Black


SH100 Men’s Ultra-Warm Grey Snow Hiking Trousers


Men’s Snow Hiking Boots SH520 X-Warm Mid - Black


Women's Snow Hiking Jacket SH100 X-Warm (Waterproof)


Women's Long Sleeved Snow Hiking T-Shirt SH100 Warm - Purple


Women's Warm Hiking Trousers SH100 Ultra-Warm - Black


SH500 X-Warm Blue Snow Boots With Laces


Boy's Snow Hiking Parka SH500 U-Warm Age 7-15 - Grey


Boys' Warm Hiking Trousers SH500 X-Warm - Age 7 To 15 - Grey


Kids’ Mid Warm Hiking Socks SH100 Warm X 2 Pairs - Grey Blue


Kids' Snow Hiking Boots SH100 X-Warm - Black

Men's Snow Hiking Parka

Discover Snow Hiking

Do you dream of the mountains in winter and the countryside covered in snow? Yet you aren't too keen on skiing or you don't like it at all? Then try snow hiking to make the most of the countryside to your heart's content!


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