Decathlon | Yoga Utsav 2019

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Essential Yoga Mat


Women's Yoga Cotton T shirt


Women's Organic Yoga Pants


Seamless Yoga Sports Bra



Studio Dynamic 5mm mat


Women's seamless Yoga T shirt -pInk


Women's Seamless leggings


Cork Yoga Brick



Club Gentle Yoga 5mm mat


Men's short sleeve Yoga T shirt


Men's Organic Yoga Bottoms


Yoga Mat Bag

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Comfort Gentle Yoga mat 8mm

This is the perfect option for floor poses (on the knees, wrists) and inverted asanas (shoulderstand, plough, etc.)


Air is invisible and formless yet it’s a part of every breath we take and is essential to our existence. Shallow breathing closes down our physical energy, brainpower and even our metabolism. It shuts off our ability to activate and actualize positive movement in our bodies and in our lives. Like an encouraging soft breeze, breathing deeply aligns us with the flow of prana (life-giving force). Mindful breathing allows us to live better.


Apsara Vydyula

Certified Yoga Teacher

Kalpesh Kamdar

Yoga Teacher

Deepika Khosla