AB 350 Abs Workout Machine



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Made for

regular and targeted upper-ab workouts at home (rectus abdominus).
Guides and follows your movements during crunch exercises.

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User comfortGuides, follows your movements. Backrest: Thick foam seat and backrest
Adjustable2 resistance settings.
Easy to moveDim.: L165 x W55 x H65 cm. Folding frame. Detachable arms. Transport wheels
Warranty5 Years
Technical Information

If you don't exercise regularly, follow the beginners exercise programme for the first 3 to 4 weeks of your training. The proper breathing pattern is to breathe out while taking the strain and breathe in while returning to the starting position. You therefore breathe out when you contract your abs and breathe in when relaxing them. Time your breathing to match the rhythm of your exercise so you don't get out of breath.
For better results
Vary the order of your exercises so that your abs do not get used to a particular pace or routine.
Warm up with a series of 10 repetitions. Rest for 30 seconds. Perform another series of 12 repetitions. Rest for 30 seconds. Perform another series of 15 repetitions. Rest for 30 seconds to one minute before moving on to another exercise. Do three exercises from the following list.
Intermediary level
Warm up with a series of 12 repetitions. Rest for 10 to 15 seconds. Then repeat 15 times. Rest for less than 10 seconds. Repeat 15 times. During the last five repetitions, slow down while concentrating on contracting your muscles. For these last five repetitions, remain in a high position (abs contracted) for 5 seconds. Rest for 30 seconds before moving on to the next exercise.
Advanced level
Warm up with a series of 15 repetitions. Rest for 10 seconds. Do a second series of 15 repetitions. For the last five repetitions, remain in a high position for five seconds, then move back down very slowly to your starting position (count 5 seconds before returning to your initial position). Rest for 15 seconds. Complete a third series of 20 repetitions with the final five in a maximum contraction position (stopping in high position, moving back down slowly). Rest for 15 seconds.
Push yourself!
The last series of the exercise should be a maximum-effort series. Repeat as many times as possible, putting in a perfect performance, and contracting the abs. Rest for 30 seconds. Go to the next exercise.
Crunch exercises
Isolates your upper abdominal muscles. To start, keep your head on the head rest and lie flat on your back. Bend your legs slightly and hold the AB. Raise your head and shoulders gently off the floor and then flex your torso until your shoulders are no longer touching the floor. Stop when the tips of your shoulder blades are off the floor. Pause. Breathe out while raising your torso and contract your muscles. Breathe in as you lower your body to the ground
Reverse crunch exercises
Isolates your lower abdominal muscles. From the same starting position as for CRUNCH EXERCISES (folded contraction), hold your AB without tensing up, In this exercise you need to use it for balance and stability. Keep your legs slightly bent and breathe out while exercising. Raise your legs and pelvis gently until your knees are over your chest. Pause. Breathe in while returning to the starting position. Repeat.
Full crunch
Work both the upper and lower abs at the same time: combine CRUNCH and REVERSE CRUNCH movements. From the same starting position, keeping your knees bent as for the REVERSE CRUNCH, breathe out and bring your knees gently over your bust. At the same time, raise your shoulders from the ground as in the CRUNCH exercise. Breathe in while returning your upper and body to the floor at the same time to assume the starting position.
Box sizeL.114 x W.15 x H.37 cm.


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