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muscle strengthening with a full-body workout using a bodyweight workout system that anyone can do at home or even outdoors.
An effective, full-body workout. Suitable for anyone: Change the incline of your body for a harder or easier workout. Lightweight and compact: with its carry bag, you can take it anywhere

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VersatilitySimple and effective, full-body workout to build muscle
Easy transportLightweight and compact: with its carry bag, you can take it anywhere
CoachingFree exercises on
Ease of useEasy to fix with 2 attachment solutions: fix to a door, or use the strap
Warranty2 Years
Technical Information

To get the most out of your product, check out our free exercise videos offers you exercise videos created and explained in partnership with the fitness coaches at our Domyos Club fitness centres.
Pack details
The pack includes: - 1 Domyos Training Strap. - 1 user guide featuring 15 exercises and 2 ways of attaching the strap. - 1 strap: to attach your Domyos training strap wherever you like - 1 carry bag.
For your safety
When using attached to a door, we recommend you make the "workout" safety banner clearly visible to people outside the room where the straps are attached. Train safely by locking the door beforehand.
Use the Domyos Training Strap wherever you are
The ease of use of these straps will delight both experienced users and people new to this kind of training. Easy to carry (compact and lightweight) Exercise where you like: at home, while travelling, outdoors with the 3 attachment solutions: - on a sturdy door (to prevent damaging your door, always workout on the opposite side to the hinges) - on a hook - strap, which means you can use it outdoors (for instance: strap your Domyos training Strap to a tree, a post, a swing etc.
Contents:2 handles, 2 foot straps.
Information / Concept / Technology
Main fabric : 100.0% Polyamide (PA) Buckles : 100.0% Steel Handle : 75.0% Polypropylene (PP), 25.0% Styrene Ethylene Butadiene Styrene (SEBS)

Our team of coaches at the Domyos Centre

Product test
Our Domyos Training Strap has been co-designed, tested and approved alongside our DOMYOS fitness coaches. Our products are available in our fitness room, in a professional environment.


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Feels a solid product
This is a very solid product at a fantastic price. The straps are very strong and the anchoring points are very good. It is the handles that are most impressive, they are soft but solid. Since they are little larger your forearms will get a solid workout.
strap training
Used for 2 to 8 weeks
And affordable price
very good one for strengthening
TRX training
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Used for 2 to 8 weeks
Awesome deal with excellent quality
Strap quality & fine grips
Definitely recommend
Get this and you can't go wrong... An absolute steal!

As a PT, I teach big group classes outdoors including TRX and I have about 10 of them and they're perfect...

I've had a few different cheaper versions and these by a long long way take the biscuit. Plenty of my clients have also gone and bought this for themselves as they're all quite surprised by the price and build quality.
All types of suspension trainers have Positives and negatives! The only thing that isn't as good (for far more advanced stuff) with this one is that they're stitched together at the anchor point ( official TRX have a little loop that allows for a couple of inches of movement, and military style ones have no loop at all so the whole strap can move making certain prone/supine movements with feet in more difficult.
Benefit of it though is you don't have to put it into single handed mode to use it with 1 hand/foot.

I prefer hanging it from a swing frame or a tree branch @ about 9/10ft because the amount of things you can do is dramatically more when it can swing both ways (giggity) but you can also use it on a door... As they also have a built in door anchor... Which if you bought the official TRX, the door anchor alone would cost more than this. Whole kit. It's really strong strapping (I also have the previous model of the Domyos straps) and the caribiner feels solid and they've upgraded the strap material so it doesn't chafe and rub your arms in certain exercises (chest press, dips etc.)

No I don't work for decathlon haha I'm just passionate that fitness is affordable for all, and to be done anywhere!
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