Why do we charge for delivery?


While acknowledging the practices of other e-commerce platforms, we view shipping as an additional service and, as a result, do not incorporate its cost into the prices of our products in order to provide 'free' or discounted shipping rates. Our shipping expenses are incurred through our transportation partners (Bluedart, Delhivery, Ecom Express, and the general post office) for delivering your orders to you, and we strive to pass on these charges to you as accurately as possible without any markup. Our intention is not to generate any profit from the shipping fees.

Please note: The delivery charges might differ as per the volumetric measurement of the product is more than 45cm which will reflect at the time of checkout. Volumetric weight is calculated as below :
Volumetric Weight (kg) : (L*B*H)/5000 (where length/breadth/height are in cm).

Please note that for order value of ₹2,999 and more shipping fee will be waived off and for order value less than ₹2,999 please refer the link provided below.


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