Neck Warmers

Neck Warmers

Neck Warmers are an important piece of clothing when you’re heading out for hiking, camping, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, etc. The neck warmer helps in covering your neck, head and your face against the harshness of the cold weather. At Decathlon, we keep the adventurer you in mind to design neck warmers that are the most practical so that you can better enjoy your experience. 

How to Choose the right Neck Warmer? 

Functionality and Practicality: An ideal neck warmer should serve three purposes; first, provide warmth to your neck and lower area of the face, second, keep your face dry and provide excellent moisture management and finally, control exposure to the sun when on a hike, camp, etc. Neck warmers should also be practical enough to fit anywhere in your backpack without taking up space for other important items.

Material: Neck warmers usually come in three different material types: fleece polyester, acrylic, and Merino wool. Out of the three, fleece polyester is the most commonly used and is made of comfortable material. Wool tends to be pricier and less durable in the long run. When considering the material, also check the weight of the neck warmer. The best is not always the thickest, thus, understanding the environment you’d use it for is extremely important. 

Versatility: Neck warmers usually comes in two designs, one that stays around your neck and covers the lower part of your face or balaclavas, that go around your head. The latter tends to be lighter and can be used in multiple ways. We at Decathlon design neck warmers that can be worn in 6 different ways so that you’d never have to purchase multiple warmers for different uses. 

Head to your nearest Decathlon store or buy the best neck warmer online from our website!


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