Volleyball is one of the most popular sports that is loved worldwide. Let it be in school, or after school, or in the rain with your college friends, we all have played it at some point in time. The game became popular in the late 1800s and since then the ball has remained the centre fixture of play. Learning how to maneuver and control the ball is the main goal of any player—whether in a pro team or as a hobbyist. The use of the ball is something that players can take a lifetime to master, which makes for the most challenging and enjoyable part of the play. 

Volleyball balls:

If you are playing the game of volleyball, it is important to practice and play with the right volleyball ball. This can affect your entire game and give you the edge you need when it comes to earning a win. This is why, we at Decathlon, give the utmost attention to all your technical needs. 

Our balls can withstand 3000 - 5000 shots and provide you with a perfect grip as it is made of PVC material. While other balls puncture easily, our balls are durable in nature. We design volleyball balls for beginners like you, to support your game. 

Volleyball ball accessories:

We, at Decathlon, design a range of accessories to increase the lifespan of your ball and keep it in good condition:

Double action  pump:

We design dual-action pumps that allow you to inflate your ball more quickly. It uses a "double-action" system that expels air both while pushing and pulling, inflating the ball with each movement. It is easy to use as the dual-action makes it easier to inflate.

Ball Pump needle:

We design needles for inflating any type of ball using a hand pump. It comes with a set that has  3 aluminium needles that can fit a hand pump. 

Ball Bag:

We design balls’ net to let you easily store and transport balls up to 14 sizes, i.e. 5 balls. It has a neon yellow tie cord that makes the net's opening easy to spot.

Beach Volley Balls:

Want to learn to play beach volleyball? Play on the beach and have fun with our volleyball during your family holidays. We design balls that are perfect for beginners who can play and enjoy beach volleyball on various surfaces like sand, grass, and water. Our balls are waterproof and durable as it is made of machine-stitched synthetic material.


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