Backpacking is an outdoor recreation of carrying gear on one's back while hiking for more than one day. It is a sport in which you travel the world to explore, meet new people and understand new cultures. One of the major expect of backpacking is to get out of your comfort zone and to go into the unknown and hence you need durability and security in your travel gear. It might seem like hard work, walking through mountains with a bunch of weight, but the trick is to carry the minimum without compromising on the comfort. This is why we have designed a range of products for you.

Travel Jacket:

Travel Jacket is one of the most important apparels that you will need on a backpacking trip as it safeguards you from the external conditions like rain, the cold, wind, etc. 

While making these jackets we have figured out the problems in a normal jacket that a traveller faces which travelling and hence we have made our Travel 100 Compact Jacket which is waterproof and has hidden pockets to secure your belongings.

Especially for winters, we have introduced 3 in 1 winter jackets which are waterproof and warm at the same time.

Travel Backpack:

Travel Backpack is the most important piece of gear you need when you head out to explore the world while backpacking. Our travel backpacks are specially designed for travelling the world with peace of mind as it is durable and comes with locks. While backpacking you mostly explore on foot with your backpack on your shoulder, hence our backpacks come with honeycomb back support system and our Travel 500 series come with the easy-fit system for your comfort. You can buy the best Travel backpack that provides value for money from Decathlon stores around the country as well as Online in India. We provide 10 Years warranty in all our backpacks and 90 days easy and hassle-free returns.

Gloves and Hats:

Gloves and hats can look like a small thing to carry in your backpack, but it could make a big difference on the day when you need it. 

Gloves will protect your hands from the cold in the mountains and in the same way, if it’s too sunny, a hat can protect you from the sun. 

Shirts and T-shirts:

The last thing you would want to worry about is comfort while backpacking. This is why we advise you to wear comfortable apparels. For your comfort, we design comfortable shirts and t-shirts that offer moisture management, odour control, and quick drying.

Pouch and Accessories:

You need to carry a lot of items like tooth-brush, paste, sun-screen, etc when you’re on the go. And it’s easy to lose/misplace items if you’ve not kept it in one place. This is why we have designed a toiletry bag that has good practical storage options and is ideal for organizing your belongings when travelling!

And a Travel wallet, robust and practical, is the ideal solution to safely keep to hand your personal belongings - a great companion to have on your day-to-day travels.


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