Open Water Swimming

Open Water Swimming 

Open water swimming, as the name suggests, takes place in outdoor bodies of water such as open oceans, lakes, and rivers. If you are bored with swimming in the pool, and you are someone who enjoys swimming a lot, then you should try open water swimming for sure. It could be a great way to spend the weekend with your friends and get away from the monotonous routine. But as exciting as it may sound, make sure you know proper breathing techniques and you go in the waters wearing all the swimming equipment (not just swimming costume) as swimming in the open water, although it is swimming, is different from swimming in a regular pool. At Decathlon, we make sure you stay safe in the waters, this is why we design swimming equipment for you to have the best experience.  

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Swimming cap: If you are someone who hates wearing a swimming cap, then it is high time to fall in love with swimming caps as they will protect your hair from the chlorinated water which is not good for your hair. A swimming cap also keeps your hair dry while you are in the water so you don’t have to wash them, that will save you time as well. We design silicone caps that enhance the fit, glide, and protects against splashes. Our swimming caps are stretchable, easy to wear, and provides good hold - the swim cap does not move during practice. Buy a swimming cap online now from our website.

Swimming goggles: Swimming goggles is one of the most important gear while swimming. Whether you swim in salted water or chlorinated water, make sure you are wearing your swimming goggles. It not only protects your eyes from the water but also external factors that accompany the aquatic environment in the sea. Also, on a sunny day, a swimming google will protect your eyes from the UV rays. It also makes it easier for you to see through the waves when you are under the water. We, at Decathlon, know how important it is for your eyes to stay dry for a maximum time and protect it from external conditions. This is why we design best in class swimming glasses for you. We also design kids goggles so your little ones can also enjoy the waters with you. 

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Some of the features of our swimming goggles are:

  • Field of vision: The standard field of vision for our swimming goggles - 120°< - <135°and it is wide enough for you to see the things clearly.

  • Adjustable: Our swimming goggles come with a wide strap with numbered notches & rear buckle that makes it easy for you to adjust it according to your comfort.

  • Stability: Our swimming goggles provide good stability,  thanks to the small lenses.

  • Anti-fogging: The inner surface of the lens is treated with anti-fog treatment.

  • Waterproof: This is the basic necessity for any swimmer - to have a waterproof goggle. And we too, provide it. 

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