Swimming Bags

Swimming Bags 

A swimming bag is an important piece of gear for any swimmer. Bags keep your equipment organized and give you easy storage for all your requirements. Swimming bags keep your equipment dry, safe and guarantee you a strong and secure storage solution. A good swimming bag will not only give you space to keep your swimming kit but also specially designed secure compartments for carrying training aids, food, water bottles, and even electronics.

At Decathlon, you can find swimming bags according to your needs!

You can buy various types of swimming bags such as:

  • Waterproof Swimming Pouch (7L and 3L capacity) - This type of swimming bag is designed to carry wet gear with ventilation panels. This swimming bag is a zipped waterproof pouch to protect your items from water to help them dry quickly to prevent any kind of smell. 

  • Mesh Swim Bag (3L capacity) - This type of swimming bag is designed as a lightweight alternative. This swim bag is a large mesh bag that has a drawstring that doubles up as a shoulder strap. This swim bag is fully ventilated and dries up your items very quickly.

  • Swim Pool Bag (30L capacity) - This type of swimming bag is designed for intermediate swimmers. As this swimming bag has a capacity of 30L, there is plenty of storage with a lot of compartments for the swimmer’s equipment to keep all their equipment.

How to choose a swim bag?

  • Size - Always look at what you want to carry with you for a swim. If you are going for a proper swim, you will need a bigger swimming bag so that it can carry all your equipment. If it’s just a beach or pool to tan, a small swim bag will do the work.

  • Weight and Portability - More the items, bigger the bag. A big swim bag will have more compartments to keep your items. The smaller the bag, the easier to carry it around when compared to a big swim bag

  • Ability to keep your items dry - A waterproof swim bag is better than a water-resistant swim bag. A water-resistant bag will keep your items dry but can not protect them from water splashes.

  • The durability of smaller parts - Make sure that the smaller compartments have the same material as the other compartments of your bag. It is important to keep your smaller items away from water too.

You can find all varieties and designs of swim bags with other swimming requirements at our decathlon online store!


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