Microfiber Towels

Microfiber Towels

A towel is an essential piece of swimming equipment for any swimmer and though it looks simple, it plays an important role in creating a perfect swimming experience - “helps you dry off”. When you’ve finished your swimming workout or are taking breaks in between, there’s nothing more comforting than wrapping yourself with the warmth of a towel.  

With swimming towels, the problem at hand was that traditional towels take a long while to dry and carrying wet towels results in you having to carry a heavier bag. Our goal was to design a swimming towel that helps eradicate these problems and this led us to create Decathlon’s microfiber towel. 

At Decathlon, we design microfiber towels and other swimming equipment such as swimming goggles and mask, swim caps, swimming bathrobes, swimming fins, swimming kickboards, etc that are designed keeping you in mind to meet your needs and requirements. Head to Decathlon’s website to buy your microfiber towel online now!

How to choose a microfiber swimming towel? 

Drying Capability: This is the prime differentiator between a microfiber towel and a cotton towel, traditionally used. Our quick dry towels are designed in such a way that when exposed to sunlight for a short period, it dries off completely. This makes it easy for the swimmer to carry it around instead of making the bag bulky and getting the other equipment wet. The drying feature makes it the ideal travel towel. Buy your quick-dry towels from Decathlon today!

Absorption: A god towel is one that sucks up the moisture or water from your body. All bells and whistles aside, this is the key indicator of a good towel. Our microfiber towel and hand towels are designed to provide you with superior absorption and work best when you pat dry. 

Softness: Right out of the pool, your skin is at it’s most vulnerable to scratches and scuffs and we understand this and have designed our microfiber towels or Nabaiji towel to provide you great comfort with its soft surface. It is designed with a soft, supple and comfortable long-pile microfibre towel.

If you’re looking to buy microfiber towels, head to your nearest decathlon to buy the best in class swimming towels available at different sizes!


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