Swimming Goggles & Masks

Swimming goggles are used to see clear and fell safe underwater. At Decathlon, we provide a wide range of swimming goggles depending on your level of swimming and requirement.

There are 2 sizes of swimming goggles. if you have a wide face, choose size 'L', if you have a small face, choose size 'S'. To know your size, put on your swimming goggles on your eyes without the straps on and press it on your skin. If you feel a suction effect, it is the right size swimming goggles for you.

If you are a beginner, choose a swimming goggles which is comfortable and simple. These swimming goggles have wide vision and clear lens for you to see underwater clearly. They have simple adjusting straps and offers great comfort for learners.

If you are swimming lapse in a pool, choose a swimming goggles which are stable and adjustable to your requirement. These swimming goggles are extremely comfortable around your eyes, giving you a water tight seal.

If you are an advanced swimmer, choose a BFit, BFAST or SWEDISH swimming goggles. They are designed for great stability during your dives and somersaults. They come with good adjustments and are suitable for competitions.

Our swimming goggles come in 3 different types of lenses. If your swimming pool is dark, use a clear lens. If your swimming pool area is bright, use the smoked lens. A mirror lens can be used if you are swimming during the day or in open water.


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