Running Underwear

Improve every workout

Comfort, confidence and co-ordination, the right undergarments can take your workout routine to a whole new level of efficiency and enjoyment. A running bra is an integral and intimate part of your attire. While exercising, you should buy undergarments that are suited for the activity. Every woman faces this problem during their workout.

Questions which will help you decide

An ill-fitting bra can be very uncomfortable. What kind of climate is it? A hot and humid climate will cause immense sweat collection, increasing chafing. Why ruin your workout session by something that can be so easily remedied? Your material choice is dependent on the climate you are in.Wide range available

The perfect sports bra is hard to find. However, Decathlon has an impressive selection which includes various sizes, styles, silhouettes and colours. Who said something practical cannot be stylish too?

Top Features

Support: Rigorous exercise can be uncomfortable and painful without proper clothing. You need support and that includes a strong design supporting the back.

Comfort: The garment should be seamless and with no clips. This makes the undergarment anti-chafing- an important feature of a running wear.

Moisture transfer: As you continuously use this piece of garment to exercise in, it should prevent the collection of sweat. You cannot irritate the skin. It is essential to keep it dry with a high moisture transfer garment. It should be quick drying and a thin, but sturdy material.

Size: Do not worry about size. There are sizes to suit the needs of every woman.

With the right undergarment, bouncing and movement can be controlled to give you a comfortable workout experience. All you need to do is make sure of the fit, material and activity before zeroing down on one.


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