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Running Shoes - Marathon 

Running helps you keep healthy but the wrong pair of shoes can put you at risk of injuries. 

Wearing the wrong pair of Marathon shoes can result in hip, knee, back, and feet problems. And when it comes to Marathon Running,  it is even more important to have the right pair of shoes. A study found that when shoe weight is increased by 3.5 oz, a runner’s speed is decreased by 1%. And when you’re running a marathon, this 1% slow down can cost you a lot of time loss.

There are various factors that you need to keep in mind while investing in a pair of shoes like comfort, stride, durability, etc.

We, at Decathlon, design running shoes keeping all your requirements in mind. 

Some of the features that are Marathon running shoes provide are:

  • Cushioning:  Enjoy cushioning for 1,000 km stretch with the K-Ring in the heel and Kalensole sole.

  • Fitting Comfort: Reinforced foam at the heel provides added comfort.

  • Stability: Added stability with the exclusive K-only technology and the Arkstab system

  • Energy Return: New midsole component for an improved rebound.

  • Lightweight: Your stride feels lighter, thanks to the lightweight components.

  • Grip: The texture and geometry of the soles provide extra grip on wet terrain.

Now run your dream race with agility and grace, with Decathlon’s running shoes!


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