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On a Healthy Run

A twenty-minute jog is believed to be the best way to start your day. Not only does it help maintain a healthy weight and improve cardiovascular health, but it also strengthens your muscles and bones, Improves brain performance, better sleep patterns and livelier moods. To make the most of your run, invest in a good pair of running shoes which ensure support and comfort.

Questions to ask

Even though running shoes might seem like the most basic category of shoes, there are several questions you should consider before zeroing on a new pair of men running shoes. Do spend time determining the shape of your feet and your RUNNING STYLE. Flat, neutral and high arches are the three main foot types. Flat-footed runners are most comfortable in high-stability shoes while runners with high arches do better with cushioned shoes. The cushioning you choose is also decided by the way your feet strike the ground and your motion mechanics.

Question to ask yourself before you buy men running shoes: What kind of surface do you run on? Is it road or trail surface? Do you require jogging shoes or shoes made for longer and more intense runs? What kinds of shoes are ideal for your running style and foot type?

Wide range available

Decathlon's huge range of Men running shoes covers shoes for a beginner, intermediate and experienced level of runners, and special marathon shoes for those of you who like to travel the distance.


Size: Make sure all the parts of your running shoe fit accordingly. The toe box and heel should not be too loose or tight to ensure maximum comfort and support. A best shoes should neither be too tight, nor too loose. The fit is best determined when you measure your shoes with your socks on. While buying a running shoes online, make sure you select footwear half a size larger than your street size because while running your foot slides inside the shoes so if you don't have enough space for it your toes will be injured

Weight of running shoes: The heavier your running shoe is, the more strain is borne by your leg muscles. Lightweight running shoes reduce this load on your feet, enabling you to run freely. Be sure to pick lightweight shoes to be your companions on your next run.

Body weight: You should also consider your body weight while buying a running shoes, as if you are overweight and you run less than 5 KM per week, you still need a shoe with good cushioning as a basic running shoes won’t be able to support your body weight.

Comfort: A running shoe must provide adequate support and cushioning to be comfortable. Kalenji's shoes use K-Ring technology to provide additional cushioning for the heel and Arkstab technology, which enhances the stability of the shoes.

Grip: Based on your running surface, a shoe with adequate grip must be selected. A pair of shoes with proper grip will enable you to run freely and without the risk of slipping.

Choose from the very best in running shoes technology and give your workout that extra edge.


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