Trekking - Several Days


The number of people opting for Trekking as a weekend getaway has increased over time. We at Decathlon, have forever been in love with the Mountains. With our 20 years of expertise, we have developed an entire range of hiking essentials. Essentials such as backpacks, shoes and hiking apparel, are key requirements for a good hiking experience. Explore an entire range of our hiking products, conceived and designed for the mountains.

Trekking Shoes:

Trekking could be dangerous and risky if you don’t have the right pair of shoes. You have to make sure that your feet are comfortable when you’re walking for several hours or even days. This is why we make lightweight shoes for you that come with cross-contact sole for optimal grip and traction on hard and wet ground. They also offer durability, cushioning, and water protection.

Trekking Backpack:

A trekking backpack is the most important gear for trekking as it is physical storage for all the stuff that you need during a trek.

In our wide range of trekking backpacks, we have 50L Backpack to 90+10 L which can be used as an Expedition Backpack. Our Backpacks have ultimate back support and anti-abrasion features which makes them durable and protects the backpack from tearing apart. Our range of Backpacks for trekking comes with 10 years warranty and free waterproofing rain covers.

Down and Padded Jackets:

We design down and padded jackets to enable you to comfortably bivouac in cool weather. Being slim and warm, it is our most eco-designed mountain Trekking down jacket!

Trekking Pants:

We design lightweight trousers that turn into shorts so you can adapt to the weather. They offer durability, quick-drying, and freedom of movement. 

Thermals and T-shirts:

Weather conditions in the mountains change quickly. One minute it’s raining, and the next minute the sun is out and it is hot. This is why it is advisable to carry a light t-shirt and a thermal. Our t-shirts provide abrasion resistance, freedom of movement, odour control, and are moisture-proof. On the other hand, go for a thermal when it is too cold. Our thermals provide warmth, breathability, and are moisture-proof.

Poncho, Rain jacket and Windcheaters:

Protect all your essentials while trekking, with our Poncho. It comes with an interior space that can accommodate a rucksack of 0 to 25 litres capacity.

A windcheater provides extra protection against the wind while a waterproof rain jacket, that is lightweight and made of sturdy yet breathable fabric helps protect you from the rain, cold, and wind!

Trekking Poles:

Walking with Trekking poles help to avoid wrong movements which may later result in back pain, especially because you have a big bag on your back.

We have developed the trekking pole for regular hikers and mountain trekkers on rugged terrain. It offers an excellent balance between ease of adjustment, lightweight and comfort. It can be unfolded and folded with a single movement.


We design tents for 3-in-1 use: use as a complete tent, or flysheet in shelter mode or room only, in hot and dry weather. Our tents are durable, easy to transport and comes with a mosquito net. Its fabric lets sunlight pass through.

Sleeping Bags and mattress:

Sleeping bags are the essentials for camping and trekking. The key factors to take note while selecting sleeping bags are temperature range and weight. With a temperature range from 25 degrees to 0 degrees, our sleeping bags are lightweight, have a travel cover, and have a warranty of 5 years.

Headlamp and Torch:

Headlamp and torch is a must if you’re planning to go trekking. Our headlamps and torches come with a wide beam (80 lm) that has a range of 25m and a long battery life so you don’t have to worry about the charge for a really long time. They are easy to use, water-resistant, and durable.

Daypack and pouches:

We design compact bags and pouches for carrying the items you would need for a one-day trip. They are lightweight, discreet and can be folded up and stored in a backpack pocket.

Trekking gloves:

Keep your hands warm and dry while trekking with our gloves. They come with laminated fleece to limit the effects of the wind. They are easy to dry in the open air, thanks to their fleece material. 


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