Thermals and T-shirts

Planning your vacation in the winter? If yes, we bet you will have a lot of fun - snowboarding, skiing, or just enjoying the picture-perfect view of the mountains. It sure is a lot of fun!  But to enjoy the charm of winter and your holidays, you need to stay warm in the clothes you wear. This is why we, at Decathlon, design a range of thermals and t-shirts to keep you warm. With our thermals, you will get quality thermals at the right price. Find the best thermal t-shirts and pants at Decathlon. You can also use them for exercise or sporting activities. Explore a wide range of collection for your winter wear online.

Why should you buy thermals?

Thermals are mostly made of cotton or wool and have an inner lining of polyester. Tightly and closely woven, it is the lining that provides the wearer’s body with the insulation that it needs. The lining also absorbs moisture to keep a person’s body dry and warm. While this clothing was once only used as innerwear, today you have a range of them in fashionable and aesthetic designs and prints that make them suitable to wear as regular clothes. This lightweight piece of cloth provides you with great warmth, so you can stay active during the cold.

Thermals For Exercising

Whether it is cycling, walking or running, thermals give you a better workout by maintaining blood flow and keeping your legs warm, as most runners and cyclists go out for their workout in the morning. By wicking away sweat, they keep your skin dry so you won’t feel sticky at the end of your run. And it is not just activities like walking, running, and cycling, they are also very comfortable to wear for other outdoor activities. If you are the kind that likes night treks or camping at night, this winter clothing is a must-have. Activities like skiing, snowboarding, and paragliding are always more enjoyable when you are wearing warm thermals. 

Wearing Thermals Under Jeans

Wearing jeans alone in the cold hilly areas won’t protect you from the cold. So we advise you to wear a thermal so you stay warm and active even if it is freezing outside. But, if you don’t want to give up on your fashion statement, worry not. Our thermals can also be worn under the jeans as they are light in weight. The wool’s natural stretch properties do not restrict the movement, so head outside and make the best of this winter season. 

Now head to your nearest Decathlon store or buy thermals online!


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