Trekking Backpack

Backpack or some call it Rucksack. A trekking Backpack is the most important gear for trekking and A gear where a trekker should be sure about what he/she needs in technicality and comfort both depending upon the level of trek and should be sure about what to buy as it is a long term investment. We at Decathlon are proud to introduce a wide range of Trekking Bags depending on the level of usage. All our range for Trekking and Travel Bags can be found Online in India.We have Unisex trekking bags and Backpack for Men and Backpaks or Rucksack for women also for extra comfort according to the body sizes. In our range we have 50Litre Backpack to 90+10 Litre which can be used as an Expedition Backpack. Our Backpacks have ultimate back support and anti abbrasion features which makes them durable an protects the backpack from tearing apart. Our technical range of Backpacks for trekking come with free waterproofing rain covers. We provide 10 years warrenty on all our Trekking backpacks and Travel Backpacks


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