Trekking Shoes

Trekking Shoes

Being in the mountains give people a sense of satisfaction as they leave behind the city noise, pollution, and their monotonous routine. Maybe this is why more and more people are opting for adventure sports like trekking and trekking. While trekking is fun, it is important to take care of your feet as you’ll walk a lot. This is why we, at Decathlon, design comfortable shoes for trekkers like you to make the most of your trekking.

How to choose the best trekking shoes?

  • The field of practice: When you’re trekking in the mountains, you need a pair of shoes that will provide you support at the ankle. Therefore, buy shoes that support your ankle.
  • The Duration: If your hike is less than 3 hours, shoes with heel cushioning will suffice you. For trekking for over 3 hours, you’ll need shoes that offer full cushioning.
  • Support: Depending on the fragility of your ankles, you can choose a high-stemmed shoe for better support, or low-stem if you prefer the freedom of movement.
  • Weather Conditions: There are different ways to categorize the shoe-wear that works for each weather condition. Whether you're into sunny days only, or out to enjoy nature regardless of conditions, consider these features:
  •  For snow or rain, ensure you are looking at shoes that are waterproof shoes to eliminate the chances of getting feet wet mid-hike.
  •  If you hike in good weather conditions (sunny skies, warm), be sure to look for breathability.
  •  For all-weather types of conditions, seek impermeability. 

Some of the features that our Trekking shoes provide are:

  • Durability: Our trekking boots are made with highly durable materials and assemblies, this is why it will go with you for the long run.

  • Waterproof: Our shoes are made of a waterproof and breathable membrane for all-round use in all the conditions.

  • Grip: Our trekking shoes are made of CROSS CONTACT sole for a better grip and traction on hard and wet ground.

  • Foot Motion: Our shoes are made of a flexible sole that supports the motion of the foot – ideal for easy terrain.

  • Weight: Our shoes are light in weight so the shoes don’t weigh you down.

  • Cushioning: Our shoes are made of durable and high-performance PU midsole to provide you with great cushioning.

  • Fit: Our shoes come with 2 upper hooks and 1 blocker hook for properly supporting the ankle.

    Head to your nearest Decathlon store or buy the best trekking shoes online!


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