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No outdoor activity replenishes your mental peace as camping does. The wholesome experience of being one with nature amidst peaks and valleys with a stream flowing by. It’s the right way to pair up your hiking plans to enjoy your outing. At Decathlon, we design tents that can be carried by backpackers because they are sufficiently light. They can be carried for long distances on a bicycle, boat, or even on a person's back. Quechua tent online India brings you a tent for every requirement. Whether you're planning a family camping holiday or you're a frequent camper with often changing campsites. The different types of tents include backpacking tents, tents for family camping meant for 4 to 6 people. Then there are instant and dome tents which are perfect for 2 to 3 people.

How to choose your hiking tent:

  • The size of the camping tent: The size of a camping tent is described by the number of people that can sleep inside it or by the number of berths. When you’re outdoors and set a camp, you don’t just need it for sleeping but living. So, if you need space for two berths, buy a camping tent that could accommodate three berths.

  • Headroom/height: Bigger the tent, more the headroom space. So, if you want a tent that is lightweight and easy to carry, you might have to compromise on the head-space.

  • Doors and Windows: You need a tent with doors and windows for proper ventilation and sunlight to come inside your tent. 

  • Groundsheets: Groundsheets help insulate you from the harsh weather conditions. They also protect you from insects and bugs on the ground. 

Few of the features that our Camping Tents provide are:

  • Easy Assembly/Dismantling: It comes with a guided folding structure. The free-standing dome structure enables you to move it once it has been assembled, to find the best location.

  • Easy Transport: Our tents are light in weight and can be easily carried in your backpack.

  • Durability: Wind resistant 40 km/h (Force 5): certified in wind tunnel with turntable.

  • Waterproof: Shower tested under 2000 mm of water/hour/ sqm (tropical rain) & field tests

Now head to your nearest Decathlon store to buy sturdy waterproof and easy to carry tents or buy the best camping tents online!

Decathlon Camping Tents are more Affordable & Durable.

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Best Selling Camping Tents

Camping Tent Price


Camping Tent 2 Person - Green

Rs. 1,999


Camping Tent 3 Person - Green

Rs. 2,999


2 Seconds Camping Tent 2 Person - Blue

Rs. 3,499


2 Seconds Camping Tent 3 Person - Blue

Rs. 3,999


Fresh&Black 2 Xl Camping Tent 2 Person - Blue/White

Rs. 4,999


Quickhiker Trekking Tent 2 People - Green

Rs. 6,999


Camping Tent 4.1 - 4 Person 1 Bedroom

Rs. 8,999


Camping Base M Pole-Supported Living Area - 6 Person

Rs. 9,999


Camping Living Room With Arch Poles Base Arpenaz L Fresh _pipe_ 8 People

Rs. 11,999


Camping Tent (Inflatable) Air Seconds 4.1 - 4 Person 1 Bedroom

Rs. 14,999


Camping Tent (Arched) Arpenaz 6.3 - 6 Persons 3 Rooms

Rs. 17,999


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