Hiking Water Bottles

Hiking Bottles

We all know the importance of water and it becomes even more important to hydrate yourself during your hikes as you would have to walk long distances, resulting in a lot of sweating. And for your thirsty moments, you can’t depend on shops in the mountains because there are hardly a few. This is why at Decathlon we design easy to carry hiking bottles for your long hiking sessions. 

How to choose the best hiking bottle:

Thermal Insulation: Not all bottles will keep your drink at the same temperature and when it’s cold, thermal insulation is an absolute must. For maintaining your drink at the same temperature, go for an isothermic hiking bottle. This will stop your drink from heating up or cooling down quickly due to weather conditions outside. At Decathlon, we have a range of insulated bottles for your drinks to keep at the same temperature as you want!

Material: Plastic or Aluminium? Each material has advantages and drawbacks, so you need to make sure that you choose the right one. 

ALUMINIUM CYCLING BOTTLE: An aluminium water bottle is more durable than a plastic bottle. It also keeps your drink at the same temperature. But, it will be heavier than a plastic bottle and a bit less practical for drinking on the go (you can't squeeze it in the same way). It might, therefore, be best for hiking at small distances.

PLASTIC CYCLING BOTTLE: The main advantage of a plastic bottle is its lightweight. Plastic bottles are generally light and cheap, as well as are practical to use while on the move.

Capacity: Based on the distance that you’re going to cover, you’ll need to choose the capacity accordingly. For longer hikes, choose a 1-litre bottle. For shorter rides, you can choose a bottle of capacity between 0.35 to 0.5 litres. 

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