Hiking T shirts

Hiking T-shirts 

Hiking T shirts are an essential element for your hiking adventure and can make or break your hiking experience. We, at Decathlon, understand how important the right hiking t-shirt is for you. This is why we design the best in class apparel keeping you in mind. Be it nature, mountain or snow hiking, our shirts for hiking are made to provide you with the best hiking experience one can ask for. 

Benefits of our Hiking T-shirts:

  • Warmth: To keep yourself warm is of the utmost importance when it comes to hiking as the chances of you falling sick is much more. Our long sleeve hiking shirts are brushed from the inner side to improve thermal comfort when hiking.

  • Ventilation:  Our long sleeve hiking shirt for women and men are designed with zipped collar to improve ventilation and also comes with mesh panels under the arms.

  • Moisture Management: When hiking, keeping yourself dry is key to have a good experience. Our hiking shirts are made with a material that promotes the transfer of moisture to the outside of the garment to stay dry throughout your hike. Our men’s short sleeve hiking shirts are designed with a synthetic fabric that dries quickly when it gets wet from perspiration.

  • Freedom of Movement: Our hiking shirts are designed with stretchable fabric along with knit construction to make it really easy to move when wearing them. 

We understand the adventurer within you and know that you stop at nothing to reach your destination when on a hike. To keep up with your requirements, we design the best hiking t shirts with features that help elevate your hiking experience. Head to your nearest Decathlon store or buy the best hiking shirts online!

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