Gym Ball

Gym ball, also known by other names like balance ball, medicine ball, swiss ball, pilates ball, is one of the best equipment available online to improve your overall health. Bounce your way to fitness through a gym ball. It can be used by people looking to tone and improve their muscle strength. A gym ball is easily filled with air, is light in weight, and durable. There is a wide range of gym ball available online at Decathlon that comes in different sizes and colours. 

Benefits of using a gym ball:

  • Flexibility: Using a gym ball during your workout routine can help improve your flexibility. Whether it’s for a quick pre-workout warm-up session or post-workout stretch-down, the swiss ball can go a long way to keeping your muscles and joint function, which can help prevent injury.

  • Core: Using a gym ball can help you build your abdominal and lower back muscles (core). These muscles protect your lumbar spine, as well as help maintain the core stability of your frame.

  • Balance: Just sitting on a swiss ball alone engages the key stabilisers, the abdominal and back muscles. Thanks to engaging these muscles constantly, a swiss ball can help with smoothing out any imbalances in your core or surrounding muscles it forces you to support your own weight and stabilise yourself. This all contributes to a general improvement in balance.

  • Versatility: Swiss balls can be incorporated into a number of different exercise disciplines be it as an important workout tool to base your routine around, or just something you bring in now and again to work, something a bit different. Try a swiss ball in any of the following to enhance your experience: General Gym Work/Core Exercises, Pilates, Yoga, Resistance Training.

There are a lot of exercises that are meant for gym balls. They can be used to train your body effectively; they can be used to boost a movement that you’re already familiar with, by adding little instability. Gym ball training has a wide range of exercises that concentrate on different muscle groups. Some of the exercises done with a gym ball are - Plank, Crunch, Push-ups, Squat, Leg fit.

Our gym balls offer stability, compatibility, and versatility. Now, head to your nearest Decathlon’s store or buy a gym ball online!


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