Fishing started as a means of survival by our ancestors which has now become a sport widely enjoyed around by the people. The reason for fishing to gain popularity was the fact that one could sit on for a stretch by the river catching a fish while enjoying their weekend. Fishing also is a great way to build relationships with your loved ones by striking up meaningful conversations. It’s quite difficult to explain the pleasure of experiencing nature at it’s best and enjoying the silence that engulfs you if you’ve not been fortunate enough to try it. 

We at Decathlon know that everyone wants to try fishing at some point in their life and thus make fishing rods and fishing equipment and accessories that not only cater to professionals but also to beginners who want to head out for their first fishing trip!

We offer fishing rods and fishing accessories for the following kinds of fishing: 

Carp Fishing: Carp is a species of freshwater fish usually found in rivers. They are oily in nature and a common carp and be anywhere between 40-80 cm in length and weigh up to 15 kgs with a few species going up to 20-25 kgs. For Carp Fishing, we offer all sorts of fishing equipment and accessories- bedchairs, level chairs, fishing hook, fishing rods, etc. - to enhance your fishing experience.

Predator Fishing: Predator Fishing or Predator angling is fishing for predatory fishes. Predatory fish are ones that prey on smaller fishes, insects, crustaceans and even their own smaller ones. Predatory fishing, as opposed to the traditional image of fishing, is wild, aggressive and requires a lot of physical exertion from the end of the fisherman or women. To help you get the most out of it, buy fishing rods, waterproof jackets, baits for your next predatory fishing adventure from Decathlon!

Pole Fishing: Pole fishing, often referred to as Pole and Line Fishing, is fishing using a particular kind of fishing pole in which fishes are attracted to the surface with the help of bait and then caught. It is typically used to catch tuna and other midwater species. We at Decathlon design fishing rods that are long enough to facilitate pole fishing and further provide fishing hooks and feeders to further enhance your experience.  

Saltwater Fishing: Saltwater Fishing, as the name suggests is fishing in oceans. Saltwater fishing is of different types such as pier fishing, surf fishing, bay fishing, backwater fishing, and deep-sea fishing. For saltwater fishing, one must invest in good quality fishing rods and fishing equipment designed specifically for saltwater and also understand the bait that would work best to catch the desired species of fish. We at Decathlon understand your needs and have designed accessories keeping in mind all such requirements. 

No matter what kind of fishing you intend to do, we at Decathlon provide fishing rods, fishing equipment, accessories, hooks, etc that cater to your needs and are designed to make your fishing experience a memorable one. 

Head to your nearest Decathlon store or buy fishing equipment online today!


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