How do you enjoy the view on a bright sunny day? Polarised Sunglasses are the thing to go to. Quechua provides a wide variety of polarised and non-polarised glasses for Nature, Mountain and Snow Hiking. All the Sunglasses from Quechua are 100% UV protected. Kids, Women and Men, we've got all your eyes protected.

While sunglasses may be a hiking gear afterthought, choosing the right pair of sunglasses will be the difference between a comfortable hiking experience and potential snow blindness.

Questions you should ask yourself before buying a hiking sunglass:

Lens Type: VLT (Visible Light Transmission) – This is the most basic type of lens, and basically means it will reduce the amount of light transmitted to your eyes. Sunglasses with high VLT are not common, as they are mostly for overcast conditions. Sunglasses with low VLT are useful in bright conditions since they block out most of the light getting through the lens.

UV Protection: If you want to buy a pair of sunglasses with UV protection, there are three types of UV lights: UVA, UVB, and UVC. While there is no need to worry about UVC, it is UVB that is associated with skin cancer risk. UVA is still under debate, but you are better safe than sorry.

Polarized or not:  Polarized lenses are designed to filter out reflected light and reduce glare. By doing so, colours become richer and the depth of vision is improved. Furthermore, polarized lenses are crucial if you are spending time in the snow, or hiking near large bodies of water since light becomes “polarized” when it reflects off a surface like water or snow.

Lens Material: Most lenses are made from materials like polycarbonate, polyurethane, and plastic. Polyurethane is a synthetic material that fuses the best qualities of glass and polycarbonate.  While the most expensive, this option is the most durable and lightest weight lens material.

Polycarbonate is plastic with very high-quality optics and a strong, impact-resistant structure, making this lens material a great choice for hiking too. That said, it can be easily scratched if it doesn’t come with an anti-scratch coating, so take care of polycarbonate lenses.

A regular plastic lens is the most cost-effective, but scratches easily and therefore is the least durable choice.

When you are choosing between hiking sunglasses, check what type of material the lenses are made of and if that material is coated with anti-glare, anti-scratch resistance or water repellent material. 

Head to your nearest Decathlon store or buy the best hiking sunglasses online!


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