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The moment you think Golf; classy is the next word that comes to mind. One of the most sophisticated sports out there, it is also one that encourages players to dress to impress.

Questions that will help you decide:

While the golfing equipment we choose to use is of primary importance, choosing the apparel we wear while playing is also just as important. When shopping for golf clothes, you must take into consideration a few factors. For instance, you need to feel light, breathe, and swing easily in the clothes that you're wearing. Golf is an outdoor sport and a windproof garment, especially in the winter would be a good choice.

A wide range to choose from:

There is a slew of products in the golf apparel range online at Decathlon's website that makes shopping so much easier for you. Browse through the different shorts, golf caps, pants, polo shirts, rain jackets and so much more and take your time to decide the perfect outfit for yourself before you go golfing.

Top Features:

The comfort level and Breathability: It's important to wear clothes that allow you to breathe comfortably while you play.

Waterproof: A waterproof shirt or garment is specially laminated with a coating so that it keeps water out for a long period.

Wind-proof: Wind-proof clothes help to keep the wind away, a weather condition that golfers face quite often. This is especially for people playing in the winter.

Seam-Sealed: For the garment to be completely waterproof, the seams have to be sealed with a special kind of tape. There are also critical seam-sealed garments which have the main areas sealed.

Golf probably is one of the only sports where you can dress up but of course, in appropriate attire. It's important to look good but also feel good too so that you can score as many hole-in-ones as possible. Buy Golf Clothes online at Decathlon for the perfect golfing attire for all seasons.


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