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Football Shoes

When playing Football, it's essential to wear a decent pair of football shoes that are suitable for the surface you're playing on. We, at Decathlon, offer football boots, football trainers and futsal shoes to meet the specific needs of each surface type.

Football Boots:

Need a supple boot for playing football? We design a range of boots for each one of you. Our Football boots come with a comfortable insole that allows you to play comfortably on the pitch. The studs provide you with a good grip while you play on soft ground. Good fit, safety, or abrasion resistance- we provide all of it. Now unlock your potential with the best Football boots.

Football Trainers:

Designed for intermediate footballers playing on hard or short artificial pitches, looking for comfort & cushioning to be able to focus on their game.

This football boot is equipped with an EVA foam midsole and a preformed cushioning insole, that both stabilizes the foot and effectively absorbs shocks during play.

Futsal Shoes:

Looking for durable shoes for beginning Futsal? We develop futsal shoes for beginners who are learning their first technical skills. These shoes will keep you safe as you learn your first technical skills. It comes with non-marking natural rubber sole helps you get good footing and grip, provides abrasion resistance and good fit.


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