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Golf Club Set

Golf involves a set of clubs and golf balls which enhances your work skill of precision. Golfers carry a set of clubs for playing. The typical golf club set is a combination of different clubs so that the golfer has one for every shot they may be faced with. Golf clubs come with numbers. The clubs with a lower number are designed to hit the balls at a longer distance when compared to a higher digit golf club.

Basic clubs in a golf club set

  • The Driver: This club is the longest club in the set. The driver is used to hit a long shot off the tee. It also has the lowest loft angle. This combination makes it difficult for the golfer to hit with but if mastered, you can hit a good distance.

  • The Woods: Woods isn’t made up of woods anymore. Instead, they are made out of hollow metal. Woods are long clubs with a lower digit and have a low loft which makes them more difficult to hit when compared to most irons.

  • The Irons: Iron clubs are versatile clubs because they provide distance along with accuracy that a wood club. The iron club comes with a 3 iron with a low loft, a pitching wedge that gives a higher loft. 

  • The Hybrids: These clubs have longer irons. These clubs are a combination of features of woods and irons. The hybrids are designed to provide distance and accuracy and are easier to handle than woods as it has a shorter shaft. They are designed to launch the golf ball into the air.

  • The Putter: Putter is designed for use on the green which is putting a few yards to the hole.

At the Decathalon online store, you can find various types of golf club sets!

  1. Inesis 500 Men’s Golf Individual Iron: This type of golf set is designed to hit intermediate distances all over the golf course. It is easy to handle, lightweight and also has great stability and vibration damping which allows you to hit the ball perfectly into the hole.

  1. Golf Wedge 60 degree (Right-handed): This golf club is used for hitting short distance chip shots all over the golf course. This type of golf club is the highest lofted club in the bag for bunker exits or ship shots. It has good traction, visual efficiency, and ergonomic grip.

  1. Golf Wedge 52 degree (Right-Handed): This is also used for hitting short distance chip shots. The golf wedge 52-degree club is also called as the gap wedge as it fills the gap in your bag between the pitching wedge and the 56 degree. It has good traction, visual efficiency, and ergonomic grip.

  1. Golf Wedge 56 degree (Right-Handed): The golf wedge allows you to hit a wide range of shots such as full swing, chip shots, bunker exits, and approach shots on most types of terrain.  It has good traction, visual efficiency, and ergonomic grip and versatility.

  1. Junior Golf Set ( Age 11-13): This set consists of 4 clubs to help kids learn how to play golf. This golf set is light and easy to use as it has a wider clubhead for easier play for juniors. It also has an ergonomic grip. 

  1. Golf Kit (7 clubs): This golf kit has all the types of clubs and is designed for beginners. The main aim of the clubs in this set to help you lift the ball. With the help of this kit, you can all distances from the tee-off to the green. It is easy to use, lightweight and has an ergonomic grip.

  1. Golf Hybrid: The hybrid gives the best out of your swing by choosing the correct driver length and a shaft that reflects your swing speed. This has great stability, proper distance, and dexterity. 

  1. Kids Club ( Age 2-13): This club is designed for children to help them learn how to play golf. The kids club is lightweight, easy to use and is adjustable up to 3 sizes.

  1. Adult Golf Chipper (Right-Handed): The golf chipper is extremely easy to hit and approach around the green and makes it very easy to chip. And it is visually efficient.

Find out more and order your golf club now at the decathlon online store!



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