Just Goalkeeper Things!

When all the action happens on the football field, the one person upon whom the entire game depends on is the goalie. Being a goalkeeper is not an easy job, especially since it involves dives, sprints, and a tremendous amount of accuracy. Shop for football goalkeeper kits at Decathlon, for an efficient game.

Questions which help you decide

Firstly, decide on the kind of material you'll need to wear as a goalkeeper jersey. They need to be of the finest quality to endure rough usage. Secondly, you'll need to find clothes with the right fit. Loose clothes will only hinder the performance of a goalie.

A wide range to choose from

Decathlon brings to you a wide range of goalkeeper jersey in different sizes and colours. Buy football accessories online, and choose from a plethora of options.

Top features

EVA fittings: Most full sleeve goalkeeper jerseys come with EVA padding at the elbows so that one can dive easily and the shock is quickly absorbed, thereby keeping the bones safe from damage.

Goalkeeper Gloves: The goalkeeper gloves are made to be a perfect fit with a latex layer and foam padding. This protects your hands from the force of the ball and provides a good grip.

Pants: A goalkeeper's pants are quite different from a normal player's shorts. They have EVA foam padding for shock absorbance and are much longer so that they can protect the entire leg from injuries.

Buy football kits online at Decathlon's site for the best equipment you can get.


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