Kids football

Football is one of the most popular sport on the planet and the game has a ton of benefits for kids - both health and fitness-wise and also in learning essential life skills. The game such that you tend to use a wide range of your muscles that help a great deal in developing your muscles and furthermore, it helps in increasing the stamina, makes you flexible and helps in regulating your breathing pattern.

Apart from these health benefits, it helps your kid’s mental growth as well. Playing in a team will teach them how to work together with a team and this helps them build a sense of belonging. Also, another important lesson that they learn is how to deal with failure. This life lesson prepares them for the future. 

We at Decathlon, design football shoes, ball, shorts and jersey that will provide your kid with the best possible comfort so that they can go hours playing and never have to stop!

Kids Football - What do we offer? 

Kids’ Football Shoes: Football shoes or boot is one of the most important equipment when playing football. A football shoe is very different from the regular running shoe in the way it’s designed to help you kick the ball easily and the sole of a football shoe often has pointed structures that help in picking up speed when your kid has to run. At Decathlon, we keep your kids in mind when designing football shoes for kids. Our kid’s football boots come with PU and elastane liner as well as cushioning at the heel and the forefoot area in the insole to provide maximum comfort. The spike shoes for kids allow for greater speed and agility and the upper part of the boot is made of a supple and textured material to improve accuracy and elevate your kid’s overall game. We have a wide range of football shoes for boys and football shoes for girls at Decathlon’s online store. Buy now!

Kids’ football: To give your kid the best football experience, the right football is the first thing you should buy. Footballs vary in size, weight, and various other features. Footballs for kids tend to be smaller in size and lighter in weight compared to standard footballs. Our footballs go a step further and make it extra durable with the right stitching and bladder is made with butyl and latex to ensure that the football retains air pressure for a greater period of time. When buying a football for your kid, also look at the bounce of the ball. 

Kids football jersey: Football jersey is an element that elevates your kid’s football experience. Freedom of movement is essential when on the field and thus we design Kid’s football jerseys that have a special cut that gives him/her the much-needed fluidity of movement when playing. Also, a jersey would be used rough and to tolerate this rough use, it’s designed to be abrasion-resistant and along with this, it’s made of a breathable fabric that helps in keeping your kid’s body dry at all times while playing. We offer kids football jerseys in a wide variety of colour and size options. Head to the Decathlon online store and buy now.

Kids football shorts: Similar to football jerseys, football shorts also play a key role in shaping your kid’s football experience. With the football shorts, the freedom of movement and its durability are the two most important factors to consider when making your purchase decision. Our kid’s football shorts are designed to provide you maximum freedom of movement all while staying ultra-lightweight at just 68g for the size that fits 10-year-olds. In terms of durability, it is designed to be abrasion-resistant and the elasticated waistband and drawcord ensure shorts stay in place throughout the time your kid is playing. 

Head to the Decathlon online store to get your kids ready for the ground with Football shoes, footballs, jerseys and shorts!


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