Football jersey

Football Clothes 

Wearing the right pair of apparel is as important as wearing the right pair of shoes while playing Football. As your comfortability is dependent on the clothes you wear. This is why we, at Decathlon, design football jerseys and football shorts for you to be at the top of your game.

Football Jersey:

You don't just have to play like Beckham or Messi. You could just look like one of them by buying stylish and comfortable football jerseys at Decathlon that is available in different colours, variations, and materials.

Questions which help you decide:

  • Consider the aspects of size and sweat absorbing ability as well before settling on the material. 

  • Decide on the type of sleeves you would be comfortable with while playing football. If full-sleeved, ensure that it is a fitted top to avoid friction while playing. Half sleeved jerseys can be worn a bit looser to provide ventilation.

Top features

Sleeves: There are short-sleeved and full-sleeved shirts that serve different purposes. If you are not playing professionally, short-sleeved jerseys will suffice. If you're going to play multiple times a week, then the long sleeves are preferable for comfort and durability.

Sweat absorbance: These jerseys are made of polyester and come with the ability to absorb sweat or wick it away for maximum comfort.

EVA fittings: Most full-sleeved jerseys come with EVA padding at the elbows so that one can dive easily and the shock is quickly absorbed, hence leaving the bones safe from damage.

Maintenance: Make sure that the jersey doesn't deteriorate with every wash. These clothes are designed for long life and durability.

Football Shorts:

An hour or two of football a day gives you all the exercise you'd need! Find well-designed and ventilated football shorts that are sure to enhance your game and give it the extra push you were looking for.

Questions which help you decide:

  • Settle for the type of material you would like when you are buying a pair of branded football shirts. Consider the aspects of size and sweat-absorbing feature as well while settling on a material type. 

  • Decide on the length of football shorts. It might not seem important at first, but the length determines your comfort.

Top features:

Sweat absorbance: These football shorts are made mostly of polyester and come with the ability to absorb sweat that helps you play easily and without the uncomfortable feeling of sweat.

Maintenance: Make sure that football shorts don't deteriorate with every wash. These shorts are designed for long life and durability and can last through many games.

Waist type: These football shorts come in two types. Elastic and drawstring shorts. It is more advisable to go for drawstring shorts as they can easily be adjusted for your convenience.

Size: Always go for loose-fitted clothing to facilitate ease of sweat absorbance and more fluidic movements. These football shorts are designed to help with your game.

Football shorts have a more important role to play than just serve as your uniform. Find a pair that suits both your comfort and style.


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