Football jersey

Bend It in Style

You don't just have to play like Beckham or Messi. You could just look like one of them by buying stylish and comfortable football jersey at Decathlon that is available in different colour variations and materials.

Questions which help you decide

Take a decision on the type of material you would like when you are buying a branded football jersey. Consider the aspects of size and sweat absorbing ability as well before settling on the material. Secondly, decide on the type of sleeves you would be comfortable with while playing football. If full-sleeved, ensure that it is a fitted top to avoid friction while playing. Half sleeved jerseys can be worn a bit looser to provide ventilation.

A wide to choose from

One can browse through the wide range of football jerseys on the Decathlon website. They come in different colours and sizes. Choose from a plethora of options online.

Top features

Sleeves: There are short sleeved and full sleeved shirts that serve different purposes. If you are not playing professionally, short sleeved jerseys will suffice. If you're going to play multiple times a week, then the long sleeves are preferable - for comfort and durability.

Sweat absorbance: These jerseys are made of polyester and come with the ability to absorb sweat or wick it away for maximum comfort.

EVA fittings: Most full sleeved jerseys come with EVA padding at the elbows so that one can dive easily and the shock is quickly absorbed, hence leaving the bones safe from damage.

Maintenance: Make sure that the jersey doesn't deteriorate with every wash. These clothes are designed for a long life and durability.

Check out the Decathlon website and buy football jerseys online as well as other accessories for a great game!

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