Football Equipment

Football is a rough sport. It involves a lot of speed and aggression and there is nothing worse than getting injured while playing and having to go off the field. This is precisely the reason for the introduction of football safety equipment. 

The introduction of this equipment has been a blessing for football/soccer players as the use of it has helped in reducing the rate of injuries to a great extent. We, as Football lovers and players ourselves, know the importance of playing with the right equipment and thus design it keeping in mind your needs. Buy Football equipment today from Decathlon’s online store!

How to choose the right football equipment

Football Socks: Football is best enjoyed when playing on a ground or a turf with the right boots and nothing is more essential than football socks when playing with boots. A good pair of socks not just gives the desired comfort but helps in reducing injuries on the feet due to the friction between the leg and the shoes. At Decathlon, we design Football socks that are lightweight, dries quick and importantly provides improved ventilation and the polyester component helps in keeping the sweat away so that you can focus only on the game. 

Shin Guards: Being a game that involves a lot of kicking, your shins are always prone to injuries and thus it becomes extremely important to safeguard it with the right shinguard. Our football shin pads/guards are designed separately to feel natural for both your legs and complies with the EN 13061-2009 standard so that you can play all day and not worry about getting injured. 

Knee Guards: Knee dislocation is a common form of injury when playing football and thus knee brace/guards act as a protective layer for your knees and provide knee support. Our Knee brace/guards offer excellent joint support with side stiffeners that give knee ligament support. It is easy to wear and comfortable enough to play wearing it. Additionally, it is also designed to keep your knee dry at all times with the help of a knit material. 

Ankle Brace: Like knee guards, an ankle cap/brace is a piece of equipment that helps in protecting the joints when working out or playing. Though it does not completely seal your body away from injuries, equipment such as these help in providing some protection and if its a question of getting injured, any protection would be good. Our ankle braces are easy to use with the Wire-lock system that provides an excellent fit and fastens instantly. We designed it keeping you in mind and to give you the maximum comfort, its made with a comfortable material that adapts to the shape of your ankle providing you maximum ankle support.  

Keep yourself safe at all times with our Football equipment. Buy now from the Decathlon online store!


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