Darts Away!

Darts is a precision game that tests your accuracy and technique. The game involves throwing darts at a target board with a level of precision that will help you score better than your opponents. Depending on where your dart lands on the board, you will be awarded points ranging from 1 to 60. The entire board is divided into different regions, each carrying a particular score which you can double or triple by landing your dart in certain parts. The scoring pattern can be used to play various engaging games alone at home or with friends.

There are mainly 2 different types of dartboards that you can go for:

1. Soft tip : These dartboards are perfect for introducing the sport to someone. These are plastic dart boards that come with darts that are made of plastic tips. A sub-type of these dartboards are the electronic dart boards. These dartboards come with an LCD screen that has a set of pre-installed games including some popular games like cricket, 301 etc. You can decide on the number of players (2-8) and pick from the 20 pre-installed games and start darting!

2. Steel Tip: These dartboards are well suited for intermediate to expert players. These dartboards are made up of rice straw and come with steel-tip darts. For players looking for precision and accuracy in their game, this dartboard is the perfect choice

You can explore of our soft tip dart boards here:

Plastip Dart Board
ED110 Electronic Dart Board

You can explore our steel tip dart boards here:

Club 500 Dart Board
Club 700 Dart Board

Based on your level of experience, you may also choose the type of darts that will work best for you. Darts, mostly vary based on the barrel and the grip, which ultimately affects their flight and the precision in your game. So choose your darts wisely.


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