Plastic Darts

How to Choose Darts

Darts is a game that everybody must try at least once in their lives. Throwing missile-like objects at a target is not only a good stress-buster, but also helps in increasing a person's agility, accuracy, and concentration.

Questions which help you decide:

There are a number of things to consider when it comes to choosing what darts you want to use, namely the style of your darts as well as the weight. If you're just starting out, choose one of the simpler and less expensive darts. If you're an expert, you can invest in a professional set. Factors to consider include the weight of the darts, barrel grips, flights, and shafts.

A wide range to choose from:

Take a virtual stroll through Decathlon's dart range, and choose the ones that suit your style. There are different kinds of darts to choose from, such as soft darts and steel darts. Make sure you take your time and determine the perfect dart companion for yourself.

Top Features:

Material: Darts, as mentioned before, are made from different kinds of material- wood, tungsten to brass, silver and nickel.

Weights: The weights of darts range from 12 grams to about 50 grams. Do keep in mind that if the dart is lighter, it's easier to throw and will be faster. Buy soft darts if you are looking for ease of use.

Barrel Grips: There are different kinds of barrel grips. But ideally, you should choose the barrel grip, depending on the weight of your dart. Some barrels are heavier than others. Ideally, it shouldn't be too heavy, as this will make the dart stick to your fingers.

Flights: Darts come in a number of sizes and styles, including smooth surfaces and dimpled ones. Dimpled surfaces will help to slow your darts down while the smooth ones will give you speed.

Choose from a wide range of darts when you shop online at Decathlon. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, shop with Decathlon and buy metal darts online. India is just warming up to the game of darts, but you can kickstart the game easily with Decathlon's products.

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