Swimming Equipment

Swimming Equipment

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercises that you can do. It does not just help you stay fit but also relaxes your mind. At Decathlon, we make swimming more safe and joyful for you by providing the right swimming equipment needed in the pool. Head to the nearest Decathlon store or buy swimming equipment online!

Swimming Goggles and Masks:

Swimming goggles are used to see clearly and protect your eyes underwater. At Decathlon, we provide a wide range of swimming goggles depending on your proficiency and requirement.

There are 2 sizes of swimming goggles. If you have a wide face, choose size 'L and, if you have a narrow face, choose size 'S'. To know your size, put on your swimming goggles on your eyes without the straps on and press it on your skin. If you feel a suction effect, it is the right size for you.

If you are a beginner, choose a pair of swimming goggles which is comfortable and simple. These swimming goggles have wide vision and clear lens for you to see underwater clearly. They have simple adjusting straps and offer great comfort for learners.

If you are an advanced swimmer, choose a BFit, BFAST or SWEDISH swimming goggles. They are designed for great stability during your dives and somersaults. They come with good adjustments and are best suited for competitions.

Our swimming goggles come in 3 varieties of lenses. If your swimming pool area is dark, use a clear lens. If your swimming pool area is bright, use the smoked lens. A mirror lens can be used if you are swimming during the day or in open water.

Swim Caps:

It could be irritating if your hair keeps sticking to your face while you are swimming. Buy Swimming caps to avoid this problem. Swim caps are also used for protection and hygiene in the swimming pool. At Decathlon, we have 3 varieties for the caps:

  • The mesh cap gives great comfort and breathability for long hours of swimming.

  • A sili-mesh cap is good for those swimmers who want stability as well as comfort for doing lapse.

  • A silicone cap is firm on your head and helps you go faster in water. It is the most watertight swim cap.

It is important to know that no swim cap is waterproof and it is inevitable for your hair to get wet as you swim.

Swimming Bathrobes:

Isn’t it super fun when you are inside the pool, but some of you might feel a little shy or awkward while walking from the pool to the changing rooms. You also might feel cold when you step out of the pool. To solve all these problems, we have one solution- Bathrobes! At Decathlon, we have bathrobes available for men, women, and kids. The lightweight cotton makes this bathrobe more compact and therefore easier to carry in your sports bag. It also effectively dries the body due to the absorptional properties of the material.

Not only during swimming, but this bathrobe can be used at your home also. 

Pool Shoes:

Pool shoe is one of the most important equipment while you go swimming. We, at Decathlon, design pool slippers for men, women, and kids to protect your feet. Avoid slipping at the poolside by wearing these slippers that come with a solid grip. It comes with a perforated sole to evacuate the water through the sole. Buy these lightweight slippers online or from our Decathlon store!

Microfiber Towels:

We all need a handy towel while we go swimming. Discover a wide range of microfibre towels at Decathlon that comes in different sizes and colours. Some of the features of our towels are:

  • Quick Drying: Soft microfibre towel dries quickly after use.

  • Easy maintenance: It is machine washable and tear-resistant; does not tear easily after repeated washing.

  • Absorption: Dries your body effectively.

  • Compact Design: Very compact, lightweight and easy to carry.


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