Men's T-shirts

Without a doubt, t-shirts are one of the most comfortable apparel when it comes to dressing casually. Whether you want to dress for a casual lunch with your friends or colleagues, or you want a comfortable t-shirt for your physical activities, we have a wide range of t-shirts for all kinds of occasions and activities. Explore all the options, and we bet you that a decathlon’s t-shirt will go a long way. 

How to select the best t-shirt?

  • Weather conditions:

If it’s summer, we recommend that you buy a sleeveless or short sleeve t-shirt. Our entire range has optimum perspiration wicking properties that will keep you comfortable and dry when doing any sort of physical activity.

In winter, go for a t-shirt that provides more coverage so you stay warm but make sure you don’t compromise on breathability as a wet cloth can cause chafing and irritation while running or doing those crunches. 

  • Depending on your needs:

    Carrying need: If you are going on a trail run or participating in a marathon race where you don’t want to carry extra accessories, we recommend you to go for trail running clothes.

    Reduce irritation: If you have sensitive skin and you experience irritation often while performing any physical activity, then we recommend you to choose our t shirts that are specially designed for reducing irritation. 

Every activity demands a different type of t-shirt. Discover our range of men’s t-shirts.

Gym t shirts: When you hit a gym, you know one thing that you’d be doing for sure - a lot of stretching. For doing any exercise, you need a t-shirt that is comfortable and stretchable. Our gym t-shirts are made of cotton fabric that guarantees softness and comfort. The cotton fabric also helps in wicking away the perspiration away from the skin. The elastane in the fabric guarantees freedom of movement. 

Men’s football jersey: You don't just have to play like Beckham or Messi. You could just look like one of them by buying stylish and comfortable football jerseys at Decathlon that is available in different colours, variations, and materials. While buying your jersey, consider the aspects of size and sweat absorbing ability as well before settling on the material. Decide on the type of sleeves you would be comfortable with while playing football. If full-sleeved, ensure that it is a fitted top to avoid friction while playing. Half sleeved jerseys can be worn a bit looser to provide ventilation.

 Now buy the best t-shirt online from our website.


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