Swimming Fins

Swimming Fins 

Swimming is a fun sport that involves a lot of strength and speed. There are many swimming equipment available to help gain the strength required to swim faster. One of the equipment required is Swimming Fins. Swimming with swimming fins improves your body position by adding velocity to the stroke and also teaching the body how to swim faster on top of the water. Swimming fins help in kicking while swimming as well - when you are in streamline on your back or front, you will be able to hold a higher body line with the added propulsion of swimming fins.

At Decathlon, you can find a wide range of swimming fins to choose from for you to have a better swimming experience!

Swimming Top Fins: These swimming fins are designed for advanced swimmers who want to work on their abdominal muscles, thighs and the whole of their lower body. These types of swimming fins allow you to build up your muscle strength and endurance. We design swimming fins that are long and rigid to offer you a perfect combination of speed, muscle workout, and cardio training. Benefits - Propulsion, Muscular Workout, Cardiovascular Workout, and great Stability.

Swimming Train Fins: These swimming fins are designed for swimmers who are looking to work their lower body. These swimming fins are long-blade and semi-stiff which brings greater propulsion to provide you with an intense muscle workout. Benefits - Propulsion, Muscular Workout, User Comfort, and Rigidity.

Swimming Easy Fins: These swimming fins are designed for beginners who are looking to build their lower body strength. These swimming fins are short and flexible which allows the lower body to gain strength. Benefits -  Propulsion, Muscular Workout, User Comfort, and Rigidity.

Why use swimming fins for swimming?

  • Lowers kick frequency and work expenditure (you can reach top swimming speeds with less effort)

  • Improves kick technique and ankle flexibility

  • Reduces shoulder stress

  • Improves body position

  • Improves stroke techniques

  • Builds strength and endurance

  • Greater efficient workout

How to choose the perfect fit of swimming fins?

Swimming Fin Length: The length of the swimming fin depends on what kind of training you will be doing. Short swimming fins are best for every day kicking and swim training. The shorter length of the swimming fin gives a more realistic feeling of speed and helps refine stroke technique while delivering maximum cardiovascular conditioning. Longer swimming fins are better for working on underwater dolphin kicks and learning body undulation. The longer swimming fins allow you to go fast at a reduced kick tempo. So basically, short swimming fins are great for sprinters and mid-distance swimming. Mid-sized swimming fins are great for mid-distance and distance swimming, and long swimming fins are great for scuba diving.

Flexibility: Flexibility of the swimming fins depends on your preference and body strength level. If the swimming fin is too stiff, even though these swimming fins will make you move faster, they will feel very heavy on your feet. If the swimming fins are too soft, they will bend too much when the power is applied and you can not move as fast as expected.

Open heel or closed heel swimming fin: Swimmers prefer pen heel swimming fin which provides a fuller range of motion whereas closed heel swimming fin will make you put more pressure on your Achilles while kicking.

Silicone swimming fins or rubber swimming fins: Silicon swimming fins causeway few blisters on your feet when compared to rubber swimming fins. The suppleness of silicone swimming fins promotes a more fluid and natural kicking motion.

You can check out our website to buy the swimming fins and to know more!


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