Summer is here and with summer it's back to cricket time! Better than rooting for your cricket hero or favorite team, get your old cricket buddies around, pick up and bat and swing into complete bliss. May be you will make a sixer or may be a one-run score but the feeling of hitting that ball with a perfectly balanced bat is nothing compared to sitting on the couch and watching a match. Decathlon FLX brings you a range of cricket bats, cricket gloves and protectives like no other in the market today. 

Cricket bats are engineered with powerful spines for hard hitting intense matches, short handled ad extra large blade for absolute shot control, all made with 4-split cork insert handles to minimize vibration you feel with other bats. We source our willows from the finest of plantations in Kashmir and each cleft is handpicked to develop for you the best bats in the world today. 

Cricket gloves and pads are validated with British Standard safety for the highest validation of safety in cricket today. They are flexible and ambidextrous to suit your batting movements

Cricket shoes are designed to provide you maximum stability while you bowl and bat. An all-rounder cricket shoe made for maximum comfort and grip design for stability. 

We also have an exciting range of moisture management and sweat absorb white polo, trousers with mesh finish for you to feel fresh in the sun

So pick up a bat, get your buddies around and make this summer memorable with Cricket. 

NOTE: All our products come with a 2 year warranty! 

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