Cricket is the game that needs no introduction as it is loved by everyone. There are various format of cricket like Twenty20, IPL, World Cup, One Day International Cricket, The Ashes, etc, and each match is religiously watched by cricket enthusiasts. People not only watch the game but love playing it as well. Let it be streets, school ground, or grounds specially dedicated to playing cricket, you’ll find people from all the age range playing the game. Some play cricket in their leisure time and other play for achieving their big dreams. And if you are someone who, someday, want to see yourself playing for the National Cricket Team, then make sure you get the basics right and play with good cricket accessories. At Decathlon, we understand that hard work alone is not enough, this is why we design cricket accessories to up your cricket game. Explore cricket bats, cricket balls, cricket kits, etc online at our website and get ready to shot those balls.

Cricket bats: We know that you dream like playing Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, or our master blaster, Sachin Tendulkar. To hit sixes like our greatest player, you need dedication, good form, and the best bat. You need a cricket bat that can provide strength and compression needed for hitting those shots. This is why we, at Decathlon, design cricket bats that provide ultimate power and control. Depending on your requirements and comfortability, we design a wide range of cricket bats. 

We also have cricket bats for kids. Our ranges include lightweight junior cricket bats, junior cricket bats English willow, junior cricket bats Kashmir willow, junior tennis cricket bat, junior cricket bat for beginners. Now encourage your little ones by giving them the best cricket bat. 

Cricket balls: Let’s face it, most of us invest a lot of time before buying a cricket bat, but we don’t do the same for cricket balls. Cricket ball is as important as a cricket bat. At decathlon, we have a range of cricket balls depending on your requirements. Our range includes - Cricket soft tennis ball, cricket medium hard tennis ball, leather ball. All our balls provide good durability, grip, and stability. 

Play with cricket soft tennis ball if you are a beginner and still learning to take those catches. In your learning phase, if you play with a leather ball, then there are good chances that you might get injured. So avoid those injuries and go for a soft tennis ball or medium-hard tennis ball for your cricket game. And if you are buying a ball for your kid, then cricket soft tennis ball is the cricket ball to go with.

If you are someone who is a regular player or needs a ball for practise matches, then buy cricket leather ball.

Cricket Tshirts and Trackpants: How is a game of cricket even complete without having proper white cricket tshirt and track pants? We know it requires hard work, discipline, and practise, even in the sun, for hours. Wearing a regular tshirt you wear at home might not be comfortable and wick away the sweat, and this might irritate you and demotivate you to play further. This is why we design tshirts and track pants, especially for your cricket practice. We have both full-sleeved tshirt and half sleeved tshirt. Our tshirts and track pants are comfortable, keeps you cool by wicking away the sweat, and provide great freedom of movement. Explore our website and buy yourself a pair of track pant and tshirt.

Cricket shoes: Cricket shoes, without denying, is an utmost accessory for playing the game. Doesn’t matter if you’re batting, fielding, or wicket keeping, the game demands frequent movements and running around in the field or cricket pitch, and we don’t want you to face any kind of injuries. This is why we design the best in class cricket shoes for cricket enthusiast like you. Our shoes are made by keeping all the technical requirements of the game in mind. Made for regular as well as intense use on the hard ground. We also design kids’ cricket shoes, now encourage your little ones to get outside and play!

Some of the benefits of our cricket sports shoes are impact protection, cushioning, and traction.

Don’t neglect cricket socks as they provide one extra layer of cushioning and helps in absorbing sweat. Our cricket socks are specially designed for cricket and other outdoor sports. Play with great comfort now with the best cricket shoes and cricket socks.

Cricket kit: Whether you are a batsman, bowler, or a wicketkeeper, you can’t come to the ground with your cricket kit. It is important to protect yourself from the hard leather ball, and this is why we design a cricket kit to make sure you don’t face any injury. 

For batsmen, we design cricket gloves, cricket batting pads, cricket helmet, and cricket thigh guard. 

For wicketkeeper, we design wicket keeping pads, and wicket keeping gloves.

Even if you’re fielding, make sure you wear cricket gloves as the leather ball is hard and you might get injured while taking catching the ball. 

Your safety is our utmost priority and this is why we designed the best in class cricket kit. Decathlon FLX Cricket Kit is certified for the highest safety. It is designed for superior impact, protection, and flexibility. 

Cricket Cap: When you are standing in the sun for long hours, you might get a headache or feel really sweaty, and this could hinder your game. For your fielding and practice sessions, buy a cricket cap to enjoy your game. Our cricket caps are adjustable and come with a fabric that absorbs and wicks away moisture. 

Now explore a wide range of cricket accessories and buy cricket bats, cricket balls, and cricket kit online for the best cricket game of your life!


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