Cricket Bats

Cricket Bats

Cricket is a game that is close to everyone’s heart. The game is not only loved but played by many all over the world. Many youngsters play to pursue it as a career option and some play just for the fun of it, but for whatever reasons you’re playing, having a good cricket bat is a must. This is why we, at Decathlon, design cricket bats for you that are durable and easy to play with. Discover a wide range of options available at the store or buy cricket bats online. 

Cricket bats are made of a wood called willow. It is the only wood that can provide strength and compression needed for cricket bats. Cricket bats are made of two types of willows: English willow bats and Kashmir Willow Bats. 

English willow is grown in England whereas Kashmir willow is grown in the areas of Kashmir. The differentiator between a white willow and Kashmir willow bats is their colour. 

English willow bats are costlier as compared to Kashmir willow bats. It is advisable to use Kashmir willow if you are a beginner and want to improve your skills, but if you are an experienced player, it is better to use white willow bats because they are more stable and provide better strength and power than the Kashmir willow bats.

We design bats for adults as well as kids, so have a perfect weekend with your little ones. 

Few of the benefits that our English willow cricket bats provide are:

  • Control: Lightweight English willow bat ( 950 gms for size 5) enables excellent control

  • Vibration Dampening: 4 piece cane handle with 3 cork inserts for great durability

Few of the benefits that our Kashmir willow cricket bats provide are:

  • Control: Ultralight bat (<900 gms- Size SH) + short handle offers great shot control

  • Vibration Dampening: 4 Split cane handle with 3 rubber inserts reduces vibration

  • Forgiveness: Extra large bat blade ( 110 mm x 61 mm ) for enhanced forgiveness

Decathlon FLX Cricket bats range includes power cricket bats, lightweight cricket bats, heavy cricket bats, junior cricket bats, beginner cricket bats, short handle cricket bats, SH cricket bat, SM cricket bat, intermediate cricket bats, advanced cricket bats for tennis ball cricket & balanced cricket bats for leather ball cricket.

FLX Cricket bats go through rigorous research & development, each bat is quality tested for performance and durability

FLX cricket bats come with ergonomic grips and 4 piece insert cane handles. All our cricket bats are sourced from the finest willow plantations in India and the United Kingdom. Now buy the best cricket bat online and start playing like a pro!

Decathlon Cricket Bats are more Durable & Affordable.

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Latest Best Selling Cricket Bats

Cricket Bat Price


T100 Juniors Beginner Cricket Bat, Blue

Rs. 299


T150 Adults Intermediate Cricket Bat, Lime Green

Rs. 599


T190 Adults Intermediate Cricket Bat, Orange

Rs. 799


T500 Junior Kashmir Poplar Intermediate Cricket Bat, Light Blue

Rs. 999


KW100 Juniors Kashmir Willow Beginner Cricket Bat, Light Blue

Rs. 1,299


T990 Adults Kashmir Willow Advanced Cricket Bat, Grey

Rs. 1,499


KW500 Adults Kashmir Willow Intermediate Cricket Bat, Red

Rs. 1,999


EW 500, Junior, English Willow Cricket Bat, For Leather Ball, Yellow

Rs. 2,999


EW 520, Junior, English Willow Cricket Bat, For Leather Ball, Dark Blue

Rs. 3,999


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