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Decathlon FLX Cricket bats range include : power cricket bats, lightweight cricket bats, heavy cricket bats, junior cricket bats, beginner cricket bats, short handle cricket bats, SH cricket bat, SM cricket bat, intermediate cricket bats, advanced cricket bats for tennis ball cricket & balanced cricket bats for leather ball cricket.

FLX Cricket bats go through rigorous research & development, each bat is quality tested for performance and durability

FLX cricket bats comes with ergonomic grips and 4 piece insert cane handles. All our cricket bats is sourced from the finest willow plantations in India and the United Kingdom.

Collections include : leather ball cricket bats | tennis ball cricket bats | kashmir willow cricket bats | english willow cricket bats | kashmir poplar cricket bats | poplar cricket bats | Kids cricket bats | junior cricket bats


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