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People in India don’t just religiously follow Cricket but they also play the game, some for the fun of it, others for pursuing a career in it. More than millions of kids see the dream of playing for the Indian National team and playing like their legends like Tendulkar, Virat, or Rohit Sharma. But only a few of them make it to the end. We, at Decathlon, understand that with a big dream, you also need a good cricket kit for achieving your goals. 

A cricket kit usually consists of a cricket helmet, cricket gloves, cricket chest guard,  and a cricket batting pad. To ensure the safety of your kid while playing the game, make sure you buy a cricket kit for him.

Cricket Helmet: It is important for a batman to protect his head while batting. This is why we design cricket helmets for players who play with a leather ball. It offers batmen with head safety, coverage, and comfort. 

Our helmets are easy to adjust, made of the sweat-absorbent inner fabric to minimize sweat flow while you are playing, and mild steel grille webbing in the face-guard gives added protection. Buy cricket helmet - made with industry-standard protection components. 

Cricket Wicket Keeping Gloves: A wicket keeping glove is everything for a wicketkeeper. We design this technical keeping glove for regular usage during cricket practise and competitive matches. Buy wicket keeping gloves from us that provides impact protection, freedom of movement, and excellent grip on the ball. 

 Cricket Batting Gloves: Our Cricket Batting gloves are validated for level 3 of the British standards of safety for Cricket equipment. Its palm is made of leather for excellent and durable handgrip with the bat. Its split-finger construction/EVA foam padding enables greater freedom of movement. Buy cricket batting glove and stop all the balls.

Cricket Batting Pad: We designed this technical batting pad for regular usage during cricket practice and competitive matches. British standard validated Cricket batting pads for regular usage that provides Impact protection and good comfort by making it easy to move during play. Our batting pads are validated for Level 2 British Standards Safety. It comes with a Removable inner pad for quick drying + Mesh panel for extended comfortable usage. Its EVA Foam padding makes them a lightweight batting pad- 750 gms in Large size, that lets you run fast in the field.

Cricket Chest Guard: We designed this technical chest guard for regular usage during cricket practise and competitive matches. Buy cricket chest guard for protection and good comfort during play.

Decathlon Cricket Kit is certified for the highest safety. It is designed for superior impact protection and flexibility. FLX is proud to offer the safest and best cricket gloves and cricket pads. Buy cricket batting gloves online, cricket wicket keeping gloves, cricket pads, cricket helmet, cricket thigh pad, cricket wicket keeping pads, cricket kit bag cricket arm pad & cricket chest pad. Explore to find every cricket gear you need to get you ready for your next match!

Decathlon Cricket Kit is more Durable & Affordable.

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Cricket Stump Bails

Rs. 49


Cricket Stump White

Rs. 199


Cricket Arm Guard Arm 100

Rs. 299


Non - Toxic 2 Stitch Leather Ball

Rs. 399


Cricket Leather Ball, 4-piece, Non Toxic.

Rs. 499


Cricket Wicket Keeping Gloves Wkg 100 Blue

Rs. 999


Cricket Batting Gloves Gl 500 Orange, Safety Validated, Impact Protection

Rs. 1,699


Flx Cricket Helmet, For Batsman Protection, All Sizes Available

Rs. 2,199


Cricket Batting Pads, Youth/Adults, Certified Safety, Orange, Bp 500

Rs. 2,499


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