Whether you want a backpack for hiking or any other sports game, having a good one is very important as it carries all your essential items in a proper manner and in style, without weighing your shoulders down. At Decathlon, we understand that backpack is required by people of all the age group, this is why we design backpack for adults as well as kids. 

Discover a wide range of backpack at Decathlon that comes in different sizes, materials, colours, and styles. Choose the one that suits you best.

Hiking backpack:

Hiking as a sport has observed an increased interest in practice in recent times. We at Decathlon, have forever been in love with the mountains and having a good hiking backpack is one of the most important essentials that you’ll need as it carries your other important essentials. 

There are basically 4 major types of backpacks associated with different kinds of activities depending on their carrying capacity. The 22L backpacks are more suitable for light strolls on flat or low hills. Hiking bags ranging between 20 to 40L can be opted for walking in the mountains. For long-distance trekking, the ideal capacity would be 50 to 70L trekking bags which can carry things to hold you out for several days. Then there are the Duffel bags which range between 40 to 120L, designed for hikers who need support to move their belongings between stages during a hike, basically a practical way to transport heavy hiking equipment. 

Sports Backpack:

Are you looking for a practical football backpack? We designed the classic 17 L bag with a wide central compartment and other storage pockets including one for shoes. This backpack comes with multiple compartments to make footballers' everyday travelling easier. Now you don’t have to worry about your important essentials as we got you covered with the best sports backpack. 

Kids’ Hiking Backpack:

Do you want your kids to come along with you for hiking? If yes, buy a backpack that we designed for your little ones- a rucksack suited to young walkers over the age of 7, who want their own bag!

Our backpacks are waterproof and offer you comfort, easy transportation,  abrasion resistance. Head to your nearest Decathlon’s store or buy one online from our website.


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